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By FormerFF
HGXC wrote:You know nothing about me or my expression of charity. I believe in helping people get a opportunity but I am against the government making these decisions for me. True acts of helping benefit both the giver and receiver, tax and redistribution of wealth helps neither and is wrong. Treat all people the same, The real way to a fair tax structure is a flat tax. Class warfare is a dishonest hateful act. I can name far more people who don;t work hard and are looking for a cheap way out at others expense then you can point out the incompetent company owner. The Rich that are target to pay are not just the corporate CEO or retired with a golden parachute. Its hard working people who are sending children thru school and after many years of working and trying to get a better life have now got to a point where they can start to save for retirement. 3 days after open heart surgery I had my critical care hospital room run a phone wire so I could catch up on my work on my computer. 2 weeks after I went home with heart pump installed to keep me alive I attended meeting at work and i was back to work on battery power in less then 6 weeks full time. No copping out on permanent disability, No prolonged recovery period to get used to my new way of life. No I had responsibilities and people who were counting on me and my paycheck. I did this same trick 10 months later when i got my new heart. returned quicker because i had a mortgage and bills were piling up. 3 years later I made up most of my lost financial ground and now I see people wanting my money because the don;t want to work harder to overcome a bad break, a poor decision on too big of a mortgage? They loose a job and don't immediately work 2 until they get back to their feet.

F that. That is not the spirit that made out country great. Its not the idiot CEO you get to target with your anger about personal disappointment. It people like me or small business owners who are trying to build an enterprise at great risk. The people who are willing to work hard and take the risks should get their spoils. The lazy assholes sitting home unemployed and unwilling try dig their way out watching Oprah yelling "yeah baby take their money and give it to me" well they should not be rewarded for looking for a easy way out. I didn't teach that to my daughters and so far they are industrious young ladies. And i don;t think our country should encourage that with a tax policy that punishes those who are successful.

I have more trust in free markets that the stealing Wolf politicians who seek power buy telling the masses they will take from one group and give them something. That Guy with an accounting degree making 36k should call me up and i will either help him find a higher paying job now or coach him on how to set up his future to earn more in a few years. He is not a loser he is a winner in the making just paying his dues. It seems paying your dues is out of style lately.

I'm not going to try to refute your argument. You make certain assumptions that I can't go along with and can't find any data to support, so we'll have to agree to disagree. But, in the case of my coworker, if you think you have something to help him, I'd like to put you two in contact. (His degree is in finance, btw, which is a tough market right now.) He was trying to pick up software development but didn't seem to have the stomach for it. He's looking at computer system administration as a possibility now.
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By sg

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