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By knumbknuts

It's got a few settings:

- Hover
- Climb
- Descend
- Puree
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By Windlord
Noticed they were reluctant to go to altitude or increase forward speed. :crazy:
Parachute would do you no good if you had to use it, slice & dice the cords. :shock:
Could you imagine ripping through Torrey in one of those and terrorizing the
PG's. Wouldn't have to pay a launch fee. :thumbsup:
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By jjcote
Probably more of a hazard to the onlookers than the pilot, in terms of getting lawnmowed, which could explain the cautious flying. It might also be marginal in terms of control; get a little bit out of the stationary hover mode, and next thing you know it's diverging and you're flying sideways, spinning, swinging like a pendulum, and probably crashing. I think the second guy, who did try to get a little altitude, was a smidge heavier than the motor could handle, because most of the time he was more moonwalking than flying. If you were going to try to fly high with it, I think you could probably rig a panic brake system to stop the stop the blades if you needed to throw a chute.
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By phantomflier
How dare you post a video of a personal helicopter!! Don't you know this is exclusively a hang gliding site? Next thing you know people who we want to join OUR ranks will go off and buy one of these contraptions, and then come back to us for their insurance needs!! :mrgreen:

on second thought.....the guy who does all the artwork in the Ellenville LZ can fly... WHILE he cuts the grass.

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