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This sport is full of ENTRY BARRIERS.

Anything that lowers entry barriers, IS A GREAT IDEA. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Entry barriers need to be systematically addressed across the sport of hanggliding at every level possible.
I've got some people at Dockweiler Beach chomping at the bit to be test pilots on the Puffin. Probably better if this 83 year old HG pilot lets them do a couple of launches first. My life would be complete if I saw one of the pilots who soar Condor 330's on tht 25 foot bluff, soaring the bluff in the Puffin.

Actually the young, experienced, pilots there will be needed while making the CG trim adjustments. They can pick themselves up off the sand easier than I can.

However, I know experimental designs don't work out as expected sometimes. Most of the many RC gliders I've designed and built (most of the RC gliders I have flown since 1962 have been my own, one off, originals) flew very well. Ah, but then there were the "dogs". let's hope I don't have to change the name from Puffin to Fido. :(

I gotta tell you, esp after today, a Condor 330 is an awful choice to start a small stature pilot on. Less span, less intertia, and a smaller control frame option would go a long way towards making life easier for people who are not built like Michael Jordan
I would think that the small Alpha would be a much better choice over the Condor for a height and reach challenged student. Its smaller control frame with less mass and span to deal with should be easier for a newbie to deal with.
Or a smaller Puffin. they could be built in different sizes. I just happen to weigh 237 lbs so i'm going to build a big one.

I would love for someone else to step up to the plate and say they are going to build one of any size. This is an open source project, I hold no monetary claim over the design concepts (but I would like credit).

Any one out there who wants a winter project? i will release all of the AutoCAD drawings that I have made, just ask. This is one for the betterment of hang gliding, not one for Mr F. Colver.
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