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Hi Guys:

Well it is Saturday October 13th. I am sitting here at my Desk, work here on my Computer here at Home. I am trying to Google up some sort of new Helmet Technology. Could the answer to my Helmet Protection Search, could the search for me for Good Helmet Protection. Could the answer for me lie in the N-F-L?

https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/the- ... -headgear/

Quite interesting!

VICIS says:
No helmet, including [VICIS helmets], can prevent concussions [or brain damage]

and Dr. Barry Kosofsky says...
The best treatment for concussions is prevention.

Capt'n Obvious says...
When outlanding (ideally), choose a site where you have enough altitude to discern conditions.... Give yourself a lot of room downwind of rotor-generating obstructions. Make good use of your weaponry.... higher airspeed and your control bar!, and wheels/skids if you must.

I say...
Toss a weighted, partially-used roll of toilet-paper (or two) over your intended landing area, with a length of surveying tape taped to the end of the paper so you can ascertain the wind direction upon it's contacting the surface . Pretty useful for detecting rotor.

Smokey the Bear says...
Remember.... only you can Prevent forest fires... and brain trauma.

However, this VICIS tech looks very promising. Thanks Chris!
This Brain Damage prevention dilemma that we have to deal with. I used the word We to emphasize that all of us who put our heads in Motion by activities such as flying, and landing our Hang-Gliders run a real Risk of having a situation that develops from Flying our Hang Gliders. Well what moves must stop. I am telling you from my first hand experience of having a terrible landing of my Predator, actually, I call that Landing on March 28th 2010 The Day that I really, Really POUNDED my Predator into the ground. Well get this I was a very good lander. If you Doubt what I say about my landing prowess ask Pilot-X, or ask John Heiney. For both of them will concur with the idea that I am an excellent lander.

I just am hopping, and I am praying that some "NEW HELMET TECHNOLOGY" will be developed.

I must be: "DRESSED FOR THE OCCASION " Before I ever put my head in motion, with the possibility of having that forward motion ending in a High-G-Sudden stop.

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