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By CloudDiver
lizzard wrote:
Fri Nov 02, 2018 3:53 am
well done !

it was an undershoot though im sure you will learn not to cut it that fine .
Yeah, I turned a bit late. Getting better at timing the 180 after sighting the Glide Slope Indicator. I turned when the bar the split the diamonds, but that actually makes you a little late when you account for the time it takes to complete the turn (depending on winds of course). At the time this video was taken the wind had shifted on the LZ from near slack to blowing down, so I made my approach almost dead NW, when on a 'normal' day the approach is SW ish. LOL, I'm better at bearings, so lets say 225. Anyway, earlier turn and I would I have glided farther into the grass, would have been a shorter walk to the breakdown area!
By CloudDiver
I did Solo #4 yesterday afternoon, 4 NOV around 1500 ish. Nothing remarkable to report, same flight as the video above. It lasted a little longer since I managed to find brief moments of lift. I didn't spiral up in them, just rode through it and gained a few feet. If Dan saw me trying to find lift from the LZ he'd probably be unhappy, LOL. Landing was better, winds were in the normal direction at about 5mph so my glide got father into the grass about center on the LZ, much shorter walk this time.

I didn't GoPro this flight because it would basically be the same video as last time, and also another student was flying me but Wes is on Solo 6 or 7 this time and hasn't done any video. I offered to mount my GoPro on his wing and got his flight recorded that I will email him a link to later.

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