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By Roadrunner71


Here is my offer to you Guys. Why don't you guys plan on coming up here to the San Francisco East Bay Area. To a little paramontic Mountain Mount Diablo. By the way: Mount Diablo is the second most panoramic View in the WORLD! It is second only to Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa. Yes Mount Diablo is a relatively small Mountain that sits along the Flat Central Valley here in California. I myself have Been up on Mount Diablo and when I looked towards the West. I saw the Farallon Islands. When I turned , and looked towards the East, I could see Half-Dome up in Yosemite. What a view!

So as tomy offer to you Guys: Why don't some of you think of contacting me: Chris McKeon, 925-497-1059. Let's get together and plan on doing some flying. Yes, you can come up here. Hell, you can stay at my House. MY sister and I could drive you and your Glider up to one of the Launches. Where you can begin your Flight. I hope, I do hope that if you Fly. I hope that you decide to fly X-C. Well if you fly the minimum Distance. That minimum distance for Pilots who want a retrieval from an X-C Flight from Mount Diablo, is an X-C Flight of One Hundred Miles or more.. PLEASE NOTE: As to this Minimum distance to get retrieved. I will waive that Policy of: No One Hundred Mile Flight, no retrieval. I will not hold you to that.

Here is one aspect of Flying Mount Diablo that you might enjoy. If you do not chose to Fly X-C. You can always just land at that Whack-Free L-Z up on the Mountain. That L-Z would be the Juniper Ridge L-Z. TAKE NOTE HERE GUYS: The Juniper Ridge L-Z is whack Free after about Twenty years since it was Pioneered by Yours truly. way back then. Also, it is worth noting that a number of Pilots have landed at the Juniper Ridge L-Z. This L-Z is an L-Z that has a perfect Whack-Free Record. I will embrace those who want to come Fly Diablo. I even have a Predator 158 that I can loan to a Visiting Pilot to fly. But, there is a small request from me here. If you fly my Predator. Please, Please, PLEASE do not Whack it.

So please do call me 925-497-1059. That way we can put together a plan to have a Day where you will start your Flying adventure for the Day at the Devil's Mountain.

Good By Chris McKeon 925-497-1059

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