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By Roadrunner71
Well Today, I hope to go over to Pittsburg California and check out the Guys flying their R-C MOdels out on a Ridge there in Pittsburg. I hope to check out their Slope Soaring efforts. Well what we would call Ridge Soaring they Call: "Slope Soaring" .

Anyways, it's flying. It really is strange, Strange to me that is. Flying, Flying my Predator very well should have ended my Life on March 28th 3010. But I am a Pilot after all. I also: "Take a Beating and I keep on Ticking." If it Flies I want to fly it. There is one aircraft that I had the Sufficient sized Testicles that a Man must possess in order to Fly. I would fly. That Aircraft is a Paraglider.

So, if my Sister drives me over to Pittsburg this Morning I will be up on that Ridge watching those Guys fly their Remote Control Gliders. Sounds like fun to me.

I hope that if Tomorrow for "Pilot-X'" if the call to Fly rings strong enough with Pilot X. I hope to be the: "Assistant to the Driver" as I call it. When I go Flying with "X" .

Yes My Desire to fly. My fascination with Flight knows no bounds.

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