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By once&future
There's been some discussion on another thread about when O2 use is advisable. Rather than continue to hijack that thread I figured I'd start another. The question is, do you use an O2 system and, if so, at what altitudes?

For me the cut-off was around 14K feet. Below that and the complexity, weight and risk of doing an XC out landing with a big old Lloyd Bridges O2 tank on my back never seemed worth the benefit, but I recognize I may be in the minority here and I'm curious what others think.
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By red

I would not want my big SCUBA tank on my back when flying, either. I use those skinny green O2 bottles, free from a deceased smoker. (I think if you save the cigarette coupons, they give you those O2 tanks for free. :twisted: )

High Energy Sports was happy to make a custom long pocket on my harness, which Velcros flat (genius!) when not in use. It carries my tank below and behind my left armpit, and I never notice it unless I am on the ground. Since the tank is completely covered by the deep pocket, with zippers that close from each end (like a mini glider bag), nothing can hang up on the rig in flight. Thanks, as always, to Betty at HES.

Since most pilots here do not live on mile-high flat ground (like Denver or Utah cities), I think it would be valid to include the altitude (MSL) of each pilots' home in their responses. Low-land pilots will require oxygen long before the high-land pilots would need it, in any ascent. Physical conditioning can also be a factor, there.
By once&future
Of course I was exaggerating a little bit about the SCUBA tank, but I just measured my O2 bottle at 4.25" diameter by 12" length and it is pretty big and ungainly however I mount it in my harness. To answer Red's question I live at roughly 1K MSL and the launch at my home site is at 7K. When hiking I find that I'm comfortable without acclimatization up to about 11-12K, but need a day or two at altitude before I like to hike 14ers. When I'm flying a high altitude site I usually like to camp high the night before which helps me acclimatize.

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