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It's been about a decade since I've used this launch. It's still a great way to get in the air when the road up is too muddy, or just to save the time driving up to the "normal" launch, but this day I chose to use it because I had a hand getting the glider out to the edge. Skills from learning at Marina come in handy in so many ways!

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By waveview
Great work stepping up to a top landing from that very low starting "Point Launch".
Flying a competition glider on a launch like that requires some serious skill.
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Awesome flight John! Nobody does Cayucos like you do!

On another subject ....... I think I spotted the county Building Inspector parked down by the LZ.

Likely waiting.......... for......someone.........

Smitty :P
By KevinK
Wow! Great vid and we really enjoyed the audio. Time for me to get my HG priority increased. Spent a little time on Central CA coast for work before I knew HG existed. Can't wait to get out there. Will look up guys like you before I go.

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