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By Andrew
I have been away from the sport for a while.
Lower spine surgery, 2014.
I think this year I'll have a few flights.
Got a good kick in the confidence on my first flight of 2017.


One thing i am really bummed out about...
I have been flying for a few years. But I have no idea how to get that funky music playing, that I hear in so many other hang gliding videos once the guy launches.
I guess I still have things to learn.

; )
By Comet
Nice flight, beautiful site. I'm glad you are back in the air. Is that near Golden?

What I fall behind on is the constant introduction of new electronic gadgetry and software. You almost have to be a pro pilot to have time and connections to stay abreast of all the technological evolution.
By ksglider

I enjoyed your video. Wish we had such a spectacular site here in central Kansas.

Yes, about that music in all those videos . . .

Where in heck do they fly where all that music pervades the atmosphere?

All I get when I'm flying are the spectacular sights and other sensations of flying like a bird; the fresh air in my face, the sounds of my breathing and my heartbeat, the flutter of my clothing, the many sensations of motion and being "at one" with the glider, the sounds of my grunts and maybe inappropriate comments at times, the creaks and squeaks in the glider, the constant amazement that I'm actually doing this, and in general a powerful visceral connection to nature.

In my videos, I too would like to cover many of those things I actually experience with an all-pervading blanket of music. I certainly wouldn't want to impart what I really experience to any viewer out there, now would I?

So, me too, how do you add music to a youtube video?

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By Nicos
Thanks for posting your vid :thumbsup:

You'll need software to add music, there is plenty of freeware out there to get started.

BTW if you remove the s from https, then you can embed your video using the following code (or select your URL then click on the YouTube button [top right]):
Code: Select all
Mind you, its gonna be tough finding a song that lasts for 15 minutes, or an audience with that kind of attention span...

Here's one where I used the music that was in my head during the flight for this video:
By Roadrunner
Speaking of RUST. Hell. it has been just Over seven years since I flew last. I bet that I will be like the Tin-Man on a rainy Day when I get back to flying my Predator.
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By Andrew
[quote="Comet"]Nice flight, beautiful site. I'm glad you are back in the air. Is that near Golden?

No, not really that close.
Maybe a 6-7 hour drive away.
Though in the same province (British Columbia).
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By Andrew
My comment on why music does not suddenly start playing when I take off was a bit of tongue in cheek.

It is quite clear from the many videos I have seen that music is a common component of free flight, but I am yet to experience this level of the sport myself.

; )
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By DMarley
Ok, after stating the obvious, most soaring pilots enjoy the natural sounds that come with flying. Just keep it natural, and it will be much easier to edit and so much nicer to view and enjoy. Don't worry what some little snowflake thinks it might require to appeal to her chicken-scratching, urban-choked, senses. :)

Edit: If you've made some colorful remarks while flying in the vid, just remind yourself that every pilot understands what you're thinking and no one will think less of you for your vivid statements. In fact, a limited number of mild expletives are always humorous and underscores the highs and lows that all soaring beings experience. Ground-sloths be damned.
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By TomGalvin
I know of a pilot with narcolepsy who files with an old school transistor radio strapped to the downtube to keep her from falling asleep while flying.

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