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By jlatorre
highhuber wrote:This product is made for dacron sails and can be found at most West Marine stores.

Looking at the web page, I'm struck by this quote: "Sails will furl or roll up roughly *35% tighter - This means reduced windage."

This tells me that the sail itself softens and becomes more pliable. Since we all know how the stiffness of a hang glider sail improves its performance by reducing distortion, I'd be leery of applying this stuff to a hang glider sail.

And it seems to be mostly a soil repellent and mildew resistant treatment, sorta like Scotchgard. Not really good for cleaning sails once they're dirty.
By highhuber
My bad, sailkote plus is a professionally applied product made for yacht sails.

Sailkote the original formula is the one found in cans at West Marine.

The reason sails furl tighter with using it is not because they become less stiff or lowered in their performance, but because they become less binding, or friction producing rubbing against each other when you are furling them.

I used to spray my whole dacron sail on my Atos with this product and found it to be great for reducing dirt and stains from clinging to it. It is also hydrophobic and therefore helps water roll right off of the sail if it happens to be raining.

With a technora sail on my T2C I don't use this product but have been using Formula 303 for the past 2 years and it seems to work alright to keep it looking new as the mylar begins to dry out with sun exposure and takes on a dry and chafed look although it still is performing well. I know others who have been using it for 4 or more years with no problems.

I'm going to experiment with McLubes Hullkote and see if it will work on the technora sails and will post back with my experience with it.

Sailkote is also what I use now on all the friction parts of the frame and VG systems of my gliders, and zippers on my harness. It is superior to anything else for reducing friction and it drys in a few seconds and doesn't attract dirt. Way better then silicone sprays.

It's not cheap but hey you get what you pay for usually

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By Sford
Red is correct: most formulations of Simple Green are not compatible with aluminum. Why? Because they contain some percentage (yes it is small but powerful) of Potassium Hydroxide or, in the case of the carpet cleaner, Sodium Hydroxide. These are caustic chemicals that attack and etch the surface of the aluminum...... 'can even remove the anodizing, attack the base metal, and create a clear path for corrosion to take hold. The ingredients can be found by doing a search for "Simple Green MSDS". Caustic chemicals are found in many cleaners and aluminum does not like caustics..... ( but they are useful in cleaners...... for instance they increase PH which in turn creates an environment that most bacteria abhor.....)

As a note, we use sodium hydroxide to etch metallurgical samples of aluminum alloy so that particular grain structures are revealed........ we can then look at welds, stress, corrosion, coating thickness, and other things of interest when doing failure analysis. It attacks aluminum...... and in metallurgical investigations it is useful. But I would never put it on aluminum that will be placed into service.

I would highly recommend looking at MSDS data for any product that you think of using to clean/lube/....../etc your wing. Then research the compatibility of the component chemicals with the materials that it will contact. Again a search of "chemical such and such compatibility with whatever material" ........ potassium hydroxide is listed as having a severe attack on aluminum in several citations.

The advise on using very mild soaps and things that will not attack the materials in our wings is good...... as is the advise to rinse thoroughly........ residue needs to be removed.

That's my two cents.


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