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There is something very frustrating about making the same mistake twice [or more times],especially after heeding your own advice to" fix"the problem and then the issue creeps back again :oops:I am refering to those unpleasant or embarassing mistakes. We have a saying in our club LOMP Lack Of Match Practise?, self explanitary that one,stress? or sometimes,just plain tiredness?,i guess we can make many excuses for poor outcomes,These were {are?] my most common ones,
A slight late turn as you fly through a wind gradiant {Its very surprising how much airspeed is robbed from even a slight bank.
Similar to the first one except while on roundout a little yaw turn to agree with the wind indicator.
Transitioning to the uprights while pitch pressures are still high.
Really being ruthless about the one second delay before flairing,{thanks Jim R}.
Guarantee yourself which landforms mark what airspace before launch Yeh i know my age is showing on that one :lol: Gps adverse {Another instrument,more batteries}.
I am sure i have a few more :wink: but for now anybody else like to chime in with their own follies and self help remedies?I guess were not talking about harness attatchment or assembling errors just those silly things that we should permanently try to fix.
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By waveview
Every season about this time of year wind conditions go from smooth strong consistent sea breezes to faltering and variable westerlies that can leave me landing on a beach miles from launch. The long walk back along the beach with glider and gear is always a reality check on being overly optimistic about the flying conditions.
By blindrodie
Hay Charlie Romeo.

I like your attitude. IMHO you simply lack consistency. Time in the saddle cowboy...

When you do go out, don't go somewhere new. Fly the same thing, consistently :wink: . Form a lesson or flight plan...and stick to the plan.

Soon you'll be asking the local pilots about how to fly some where new to test your acquired consistency, or "skill level" to use another word.

Good luck. Let us know of your progress. And don't be so hard on yourself.

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By Charlie Romeo
Thanks guys,good advice Blindrodie. I agree, staying current is probably the best way to stay out of trouble. My situation is i have started becoming gunshy about my ability to plonk it in anywhere :( I believe this ability is probably the most important attribute to fun inland-xc flying. {One of pg attractions}.Sure we were landing literally anywhere and everywhere in our heydays but i was thirty years younger then :wink, I"ve been flying my second topless:for nine yrs now :shock: however the last few seasons i"ve noticed more reluctance to chase the cu"s and land whereever.This has become a big deal for me as my first love is inland flying,so chatting with the few remaining Pterosoar"s we decided the joy of carving the air in our hg especially inland was still a must :thumbsup: ,sooo....maybe its time, to lose some aspect ratio ..lose some weight...lower your stall speed...lower your wingloading [Interesting side note my first hg had a wingloading of 1lb/squft my topless is 2lb/squft ],... then gain some sail area..... quicker roll response.etc.Seeing how the new generation of intermediate gliders are resonably glide competetive up to 8o?kph and my local flying is nearly all about working the dribble or tucking in close stuff,and quite a few dodgy ""put ins""pehaps it is time to pop up the kingpost and for ME enjoy all the benefits a downgrade would bring. We fly for fun,whether inland or coastal or both,and renewed mojo for my preferred inland stuff is what i need :popcorn:
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By dayhead
A short span, large wing area glider with a wide range VG and topless construction would be marketable, I'll bet.

I think a lot of us older pilots would welcome a designed-for-handling and low-stall-speed kite, that with a good VG and topless would perform better than the "intermediates" but retain the relaxing and pleasant qualities associated with them.

But then again I'm pretty eccentric, with ideas that few agree with. 8)
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By ChattaroyMan
Often, according to Mrs. ChattaroyMan ..... :roll:
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By Charlie Romeo
I"m not so sure its my neurons Magentabluesky ,(some would not agree) :crazy: .However i"m sure all pilots notice how much more tuned in to our sport we are when we fly consequeutive days. I fly the very occasional comp to finally get in the inland zone :) or wait for my holidays :sleep: I guess perhaps its a natural progression for the older(i"m sixty one this year) pilots to balk at carrying thirty six kilos very far ,or taking longer to heal up from even minor misdemeaners,or the reassuring thought that a little slower landing_larger flair window glider will make the difference on those hot and switchy unknown paddocks. I get to fly only one day on the weekends and often a coastal fly is all thats on offer ....which is sometimes very enjoyable, it can be a chalk and cheese experience , when you go back inland :roll: So yes,at least this time :) ,i agree with you Dayhead.
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