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By Litespeeder
Wow , what beautiful scenery , great job in the comps, hope to see you at the Mid-West comp.
Jim M
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By zamuro
Great year indeed!!. and nice video :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
By garett21b
Nice video and scenery. May I know what camera are you using?
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By Felix
Thanks, guys!
Jim, I look forward to sharing the skies with you again, buddy!
I use a Gopro 3 black, highest quality setting.
Hope 2017 will provide flying as good as I had in 2015 and 2016, the best 2 videos I made to date :mosh:
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By Nicos
Fantastic, many thanks :mosh:
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By tizon
Thanks for sharing!
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By Felix
Tigouille wrote:great views of ranges which appear endless (ideally a map would help...)
Yes, endless peaks, amazing views. The valley is nice and wide though, going S-N, no getting lost there :)

Can't wait for more of that this year :mosh:

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