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By dencor
I'm checking my battens against the bluprint and noticed one set of ribs has the "flip tip" screwed in about 1/4 inch further than the opposite side. I found the following description in a Wills Wing sport 2 manual:

"Batten tension is best judged by noting
at what point the batten begins to tension the sail as you pivot the lever tip down into its locked
position. This is the point at which chordwise slackness begins to be pulled out of the sail, the
high point of the batten begins to make a prominent ridge in the top surface, and a noticeable
increase in resistance is felt in pivoting the tip downwards. On any battens inboard of the crossbar
junction, this point should not come until the lever tip is within no more than the last 20 to 30
degrees of travel before becoming straight. On battens outboard of the crossbar junction, this
point should come when the lever is between 30 and 40 degrees of straight. To lengthen the
batten, simply unscrew the batten tip shank from the batten, to shorten the batten screw the tip
further in. Each three turns changes the length of the batten by 1/8 of an inch."

Does anybody know the method/recommended "degrees" from North Wing?
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You have internet, having trouble finding Northwing's web site, email, or phone number? :wink: :lol:
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By Karl_A
How is it flying? Does it have a turn in it? If it's handling well and flying symmetrically, no tendency to favor turning one direction over the other, probably best to leave well enough alone.

http://www.northwing.com/Freedom%20150- ... Manual.pdf

On cursory examination the Northwing Freedom manual is not entirely clear about batten tension because batten tension aka flip tip adjustment is only mentioned in the context of adjusting a turn out of the glider. It also doesn't say how loose is loose or how tight is tight, an indication that if you have never done this kind of adjustment you should talk to a Northwing dealer or call Northwing.
By dencor
Airthug, yep, I'm well versed in internet usage, however, I doubt Kamron is doing the same as I, ie killing a Saturday evening in the office watching it snow. :)

Karl, the wing is brand spanking new, I haven't had the chance to fly it yet. The flip tips were just something that caught my eye. I had read the manual, and as you noted, it was lacking in specifics concerning the rib/tension adjustment other than turn correction. I just assumed some North Wing owner had been down this road before.

Considering Wills Wing recommends the same "tension" adjustment method for both the sport and T2, I'll probably try it until I can get further clarification from Kamron.

Thanx for the replies fellers. :mosh:
By ksykes
Was it test flown by NW? I'd really check with them before messing with it. There may be a good reason why there is a side to side difference for that specific sail.
By dencor
Alrighty, after a little detective work, I found out that the original owner, who never got to fly the wing, lost a tip and "just screwed in another one."

Posted this question to Kamron and received this response:

I like our Freedom adjusted:
First rib and the last 3 ribs use the 30 deg guide.
The mid span ribs with no tension or 0 deg.

Kind Regards,
Kamron Blevins
Pres. North Wing Inc
103 Gala Ave. - Chelan , Wa. 98816

There you have it, straight from the horses' mouth. :goodidea:

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