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By Alex33
We have made a subscription to make a hanggliding video magazine in France
It is done ! thanks to the French pilots and the French federation Deltamag is here
Number 2 is just finished

see on Deltamag.org
or on Vimeo (search Deltamag)

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By wonderwind_flyer
Fantastique! ...
Just need to refresh my French language skills.

Meanwhile ... I just contacted Deltamag.org to see if it is possible for an option with subtitles in English (and other languages). If so, the content looks like it would be worth paying for a subscription to the video magazine.

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By wonderwind_flyer
Good News.
The editor of DeltaMag just responded to my inquiry regarding English subtitles.

Here is his message:

It might take some weeks but we will be trying to do our best to include English subtitles on DeltaMag #2 and others.

Thanks for your interest & mail!
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By SeeHoweToFly
And the USHPA can't do this because?
By blindrodie
And the USHPA can't do this because?
Asking the wrong crowd my friend.....who's your RD?


:shock: :shock: :shock:

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