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By _css_nate_
i guess we can expect a T2G then
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By wonderwind_flyer

Thx for sharing the link Mario.
Maybe using this concept/material for ribs could be a good place to start. The cross-sectional profile of ribs could optimized too.

I have also been wondering about a higher tech, lighter weight material than (heavy) mylar for leading edge inserts.

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By raquo
There are some 3D printers that print continuous carbon fiber, e.g. https://markforged.com/mark-two/ ($14K for this little device). However, typical hang glider tubes are much bigger than all but the most ridiculously expensive 3D printers. For now I don't think we can 3D print better/cheaper than building D-cells using carbon molds or tubing using woven carbon :(

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