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By Nicos
Folks outside of Australia might not have heard of Summernats, it's a thing with lots of hotted up cars, burnout smoke, wet t-shirts and comments like "show us your farken TITS". Google it if you dare.

So we welcomed them to Canberra as they passed by the most beautifulLake George —

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By Avnav8r
Looks like you had fun as the Welcoming Committee!

John Stokes
By Chrisfl
Nice Video spent 2010-2015 living in Sydney never flew Lake George but left a Girl Friend and a wing down under get back down every 3 months for a week or more have to fly there one of these days.
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By Nicos
You should come and fly with us, we have a great crew. Lake George is one of several good sites close to town. We also have friendly eagles, here's some footage from the other night..

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By mgforbes
Very nice. What sort of camera stabilizer are you using?
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By waveview
Nicos wrote:It's a cheapo Hobbyking product out of China. Made specifically for the Mobius camera.

I used a Tarot controller: https://hobbyking.com/en_us/turnigy-mob ... otors.html, not bad for 100 bucks but you have to set up PID settings and the like which I find to be quite a drag.
Are the PID settings a bit of trial and error to get it right for hanggliding or just working through the setup instructions?
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By Nicos
A bit of both, its not like you have to delve into algorithms or anything, you just have to tweak things until they work for your setup, not super difficult or anything, just kinda annoying — pretty good result for a cheap amateur setup though.

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