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By sg
<a href="http://www.hanggliding.org/photos/thumb ... m=25"><img style="border:none;float:left;padding:5px"src="http://www.hanggliding.org/photos/album ... jpg"></img>
RATE these hang gliding advertisements!

Several people have been working on advertising ideas for the USHPA "counter card" and "poster" initiatives.

I have put all the pics into a photo album where people can rate each AD.
Please take a moment to find your favorite and give it a 0 to 5 stars rating.
RATE PICS HERE No registration required! Guests may upload submissions as well.

This type of rating system works much better than a poll, since pictures which are added to a poll later, will have a bias working against them in the voting system.

By rating each inidividual picture, early entries get no advantage.

Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page where you will see the 5 selections of stars to select from.
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By sg

Here is a link that sorts the current ideas by rating
http://www.hanggliding.org/photos/thumb ... ed&cat=-25

We need a lot more votes to make this statistically valid.

1. Page thru the thumbnails here: http://www.hanggliding.org/photos/thumb ... p?album=25
2. Click on any thumbnail you wish to rate.
3. Click on one of the "stars" There are images for zero to 5 stars to rate the pic
4. Add a comment if you wish
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By tizeagle
Hey everyone I really like all the posters but due keep in mind as an advertisement you try and reach the masses. Looking at the ratings the posters selected would seem to be pretty scary. Just in my opinion and I am n no way going to suggest which advertisement to pick but you want to intrigue the masses not cater to the limited amount of adrenaline junkies out there. SG has done an outstanding job on all posters but try and think of the masses.
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By PilotGuy
OK, sg, I voted and added comments to quite a few of the posters.

I really really like the "Dreams of flying" campaign, I think it's genius. I also really like the look of the kitty poster with the glider ghosted in the background. My suggestion for that would be to drop the kitty and find an old looking drawing or something, maybe of Icarus/Daedalus and put it in place of the kitten. I would put "Man WAS meant to fly" in the gray space, maybe at the bottom, and keep www.hanggliding.org in the black border box at the top. I like the look of the URL ghosted at the bottom, but I'd be worried that it wouldn't be noticed by everyone.

Thanks for all the work you're putting into this, you might just be about to change the sport for the better.
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By sg
CC'd to the HG list
I already plan to put up a "Self serve advertising" section on the web after people have chosen the most popular ideas.
Its easy to download and print yourself. No complicated USHPA involvement required for this if they dont have any real interest.

People with home printers can easily print 4x6, 5x7, 8,10 prints on their photo quality ink jets etc.
Or you can simply download the photos to a disc or memory stick and go to TARGET or KINKOS for some cheap printing.

HG clubs could always make a TARGET/KINKOS/WHATEVER run, do a batch print and hand them out.

Ive already printed some 4x6's and threw them in my trucks glove compartment to hand out to people.
They look really slick.
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By rallyant
What is a USHPA "counter card" and "poster" initiatives?
I might have a crack at one and upload also. but no realy idea of criteria,

they dont mind the hangliding.org been there?
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By sg
The name can easily be changed on any poster, so that shouldnt be taken into account.

However, if the goal is to get people interested in the sport, would you rather have them come to this website first or the ushpa site which would bore them to death?

Anyone who signs up for hanggliding is going to become a ushpa member anyway. But using ushpa as the first exposure point..... ugh... :x
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By sg
rallyant wrote:What is a USHPA "counter card" and "poster" initiatives?
From Tommys email:

The idea:
Create a poster showing the public that hang gliding is NOT an exotic pastime of the elite and extreme. Rather it is a form of aviation that is obtainable by average young boys and girls, as readily as it is obtainable by the average senior man and woman.
Forget the high-performance gliders, in the middle of a loop over Yosemite. The focus is more on the student moonwalking down the training hill. Or the family standing around the glider they all just took their first lesson in. Images that can convey the simplistic side of hang gliding.
By getting support from current pilots for designing and producing the posters, the cost to the individual pilot, as well as the USHPA can be kept to a minimum. The goal is to sell the posters on the USHPA website, and use any "profits" to produce the next set of posters. The hope is pilots, instructors, and schools will purchase the posters to display somewhere the general public will see them. Hang them on bulletin boards at work, at school, in the public library, anywhere they will be seen. Let the public know hang gliding, and the USHPA is still out there and may not be as far away as they think.

We need everyones help! with poster designs, magazine ads to explan it to USHPA members to get their support, and creative funding ideas.

This is a non-profit program that can benefit everyone!


Tommy Thompson Sr.
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By sg
Peter Birren is working on the counter card version.
4x9 inch cards we place on the counters of businesses, like your local gas station, or whatever.
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By rallyant
ahh nice!
So i assume they will want to change the wording on it then? :(
i agree i would MUCH prefure to have teh hangliding.org on it.
If they were they would also be very usefull in Australia and well every country for that matter. I would hand out biz cards everywhere i went.

I wander y the HG manufactures dont have big outdoor sports shops hang up a glider for display / maybe even sell them.

If i had a school i would try and strike up a deal with a shop like that and have them send me students.
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By CHassan
Walmart also offers cheap printing. We just ordered a 50 christmas cards with a family picture on them, plus 8X10's 5X7's and wallets. For like 40 bucks. (Was going to cost me well over $200 at the picture store :shock: )
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By sg
KnowVne's entry is currently in first place, but with only 3 votes, is not statistically significant.
Need more votes to validates KnowVne's new poster entry!

Current top posters
http://www.hanggliding.org/photos/thumb ... ed&cat=-25

Average rating for the top 3 posters are:

4.7 - with 3 votes <-------- need more votes!
4.1- with 15 votes
4.0 - with 16 votes
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By sg
KnowVne's best poster is just barely holding on to its lead by a 0.1 margin!

Sorted by best rating
http://www.hanggliding.org/photos/thumb ... ed&cat=-25

Ratings of the top 3 posters are
#1 - 4.2/5 with 6 votes
#2 - 4.1/5 with 15 votes
#3 - 4/5 with 16 votes

If you havent voted, VOTE! Its a tight race.
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By sg
Unfortunately, the spammers have found this public photo album, so I have turned off public comments.

People can still vote without registering for this site, but must register to comment.

Im sick of deleting 200 gay sex and viagra Ad's GRRRRRRR
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By sg
gbx5150's post from the hg list
Whats going on with this poster voting ? the only Votes I've seen
are on Hanggliding.org. Tommy posts what he says are the top 4
poster options and the number 1 and 2 in votes on Hanggliding.org is
not even in Tommy's top 4 ?? whats the deal ?
In my opinion the number 1 in votes on hanggliding.org is by far the
best concept at promoting the sport to the public, the film strip of
photos shows the progression from beginner to advanced and the main
photo grabs your attention with an aw-inspiring beautiful photo. the
concept is a clear winner the only thing debateable is which main
picture is most exciting and whether to put in a catchy statement of
some kind.
With the exception of Tommy's number 3 option I don't think the
general public under 40 would look at 1,2 or 4 for more than 5
seconds before loosing interests, but the ones with the exciting
main picture you'd hit your buddy in the shoulder and say " hey
check this cool poster out"
Furthermore these posters showing all the single surface gliders to
the general public are not doing us any good, those single surface
glider to the general public look just like the flimsy kites they
remember seeing crazy dudes dangling from back in 1978, at least
show an attention grabing shot of what top of the line modern hang
gliding is today. Simply showing a girl dangling from a flimsy
looking kite instead of the crazy hippie they remember from 1978
isn't going to cut it at changing their opinion of what hang gliding
is and make them want to do it.
Also showing mostly training photos, a take off photo, or a glider
just up there in the clear blue sky with no mountains or anything is
not going to inspire people to try it either, why ,,, because most
of the general public thinks we just run off a mountain and glide
straight down, they have no idea we climb in thermals to 6,000 ft
above that mountain, stay up for hours and fly hundreds of miles
after we dive off it.
For an inspiring picture the one of Jeff Obrien all geared up in a
slick harness and cool helmet on a topless wing high over the
mountains is the kinda attention graber we need to show, makes Joe
public ask the question" howed that hang glider get that high over
the mountains,I thought they just dove off and glided down?" and
then he looks closer to the film strip of pics showing progression
from beginner to advanced, and thinks "cool" , I bet I could do that.
Many times we've recruted a driver thats never seen hang gliding
to take us up the mountian and the first thing they say after they
see us on the ground again is "I can't believe you guys went up
after you launched I thought you were just going to glide down"
And back to the Flimsy looking single surface gliders, my dad,
Brothers, a neighbor, and even my Grandpa who's a lifetime pilot
were blown away when I set up a Talon with the see thru mylar top,
carbon control frame and all in the font yard, they checked it out
for a 1/2 hour asking a million questions. Now imagine if I'd set up
a Falcon,, they'd have politely said "thats cool" and lost interest
in 2 minutes, Why... because the Falcon is exactly the image of a
hang glider/kite thing they already had in their head and all it
would have done is reinforce the misguided opinion they already had
and they'd say,"no way I'd dangle under that flimsy kite and jump
off a mountain"
We can explain the difference between a trainer and a Topless wing
after they sign up for lessons!!!
Thats about all I got to say on this poster deal.

Catchyalater, Gregg
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By sg
Ernies great reply to gbx

I second Gregg's motion!

Gregg expresses my sentiments exactly. There have been many times when I've been talking to someone about hang gliding, at a party for example, and only after I tell them that I've flown for 6 hours, gotten up to 17,999ft.(using oxygen), and traveled over 400 miles (just kidding about that last one), do they light up with interest and excitement. that's when I take them to a computer and show them the most extreme images I can of flying high and far. They invariably tell me that they had no idea hang gliders did more than what they see at Ft. Funston, gliders passing back and forth a few feet above an ocean cliff. It's apparent to me that there needs to be more images placed in front of the public showing the current state of the art in HG. As Gregg says, most folks haven't gotten past those first images of the sport when it became public back in the 70's.

A poster that has the two main elements, a kick-ass hot dog main image saying "look what can be accomplished", and a series of smaller images showing how easy it is to get from being ground-bound to being an sky god, is what will demand attention. Just ask yourself, which poster would I put up on my living room wall?

Now, I know folks who only fly at smooth coastal sites. Nothing at all wrong with that. Look at skiing as an example. The vast majority of skiers only ski the groomed intermediate runs. But the Ski magazines and the images you see on TV show the heli-ski runs down pristine near-shear slopes on inaccessible peaks. That's the image all skiers have in the back of their minds, saying "I'm part of that!".

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By sg
I have a hard time believing this poster is getting high ratings

Im guessing this is the old school vote.
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By john matylonek
I really like all the brainstorming on advertising. I especially like the idea of an ad that promotes the self-qualification of those thinking about hang gliding. I'd like to see a poster that has image of a guy on an ATV and a hang glider pilot in a screaming dive with all the latest gear - with the challenge - "life is about choices..."

It drives me nuts to see thousands of cars going by trailing four ATV's on the way to the coast!

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