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By itttem
Hi All,

USHPA had an article long ago about some hang gliding in China, I have also found an old relic video on Youtube of hang gliding in China. But , does anyone have any recent experience/knowledge/stories :popcorn: about places or people hang gliding in China??
By UnleRico
I am an American living in Sichuan, China and am an H2. There are quite a few para glider pilots here in Sichuan but only one other HG pilot that I know of. There is one flight location with a small practice hill, that is suitable for HG. As of yet I have not found a place with a large enough LZ for a pilot of my abilities. Though I know of a few places that may be landable for an H4.

Just north of Beijing at a place called MangShan there is a flight club that is also mostly PG but I know a german guy who flies HG there he has a home built powered harness and also a regular unpowered harness. The club hanger has a few trikes and also some gliders that look as if they seldom get used.

I heard that a while back they got out an older trike and flew it without a thorough pre-flight. As they banked over the lake the wing collapsed and they all fell into the lake...I didn't hear about how it turned out for the passenger.

There is a site called www.wozaifei.com that has been started by a Chinese guy who (as far as I can tell) is one of the champions for HG in China at this time. It is dedicated to HG in China. I believe he is a certified dealer for Moyes and his (http://wozaifei.taobao.com/) site also sells flytec varios.

You can also check out: (http://www.falcon0086.com/) It is a HG club on the coast a few hours south of Beijing, I have visited them. It seems that this Chinese guy went to France to learn FLPHG and has started this club/company. They are a certified Wills Wing dealer for China.

Also there is a primary site for PG in China that has a page for fixed wing stuff, and there are HG posts and a few large trike posts that site is: http://bbs.paracn.com/f-57-1.html

There are a lot of videos, that link to www.youku.com (the Chinese version of youtube) most of the time you can view them from the USA.

Use Chrome and the built in translate and you can really figure out a LOT.

I have a dream to some day help with advancing HG in China, but I am first trying to build up my flight time and skills.
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By dhmartens
There was a book written called "China attacks" where China attacks Taiwan with 10,000 motorized hang gliders. I posted about this at shga in 2007.

Back in 2007 I think it was illegal for the Chinese to fly HG or PG.

"10,000 hang gliders invade Taiwan"

I ran across this google book review of fictional “China Attacks” By Steven W. Mosher, Chuck DeVore and thought I would post it here as it would be the most amazing hang glider event ever in the history of the sport. Despite the obvious drawback with the enslavement of 23 million people by a brutal communist dictator ship and any loss of life from an event of this scale, the repercussions would bring hang gliding to a new level of acceptance and affordability. The author points out the Chinese can build a hang glider and powered harness (scooter motor) for $500 total where in the U.S. the price is $10,000.


That links to page 264. You might want to back it up to page 262 to read from there on to get the whole hang gliding part that’s available online.

amazon.com /gp/product/images/0741404303/ref=dp_otherviews_0/105-0130135-1100408?ie=UTF8&s=books&img=0

Book cover at Amazon.com

Just as the Gettysburg battle is reenacted, so too could be the flight over the 100-mile Taiwan Strait with thousands of participants gathering every year to make the flight.

Even with a week to think about this I still cannot imagine the sight of 10,000 hang gliders approaching the beach in a massive formation.

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By miraclepieco
A couple of years ago a group of Chinese were in the US buying up all the used hang gliders and accessories they could find.
They said hang gliding and paragliding were poised to explode in China.
I would not be surprised to see inexpensive Chinese knockoffs of those gliders on the market before long.

Awesome! Thanks.

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