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By Jason
honda civic, s2000, nsx
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By Odakyu-sen
bigalgreen wrote:How much difference is there in performance between these glider?
Anyone who has flown all 3 that can comment please?
That's a broad question. I guess when you say "performance" you mean the glide ratio.

But, for non-competitive, recreational flying, there are other measures you might use to compare those three gliders. For example,
- weight,
- complexity (# of sprogs, battens, etc.),
- resistance to corrosion (damn those Sport 2 luff lines),
- ease of de-rigging and packing up
- ease of landing,
- pilot friendliness (the "forgiveness" of the glider to dumb-ass inputs),
- rate of climb in lift,
- ease of catching and riding thermals,
- ease of unintentional damage (some gliders have to be rigged and de-rigged just right, or you'll bend something),
- level of physical demand while flying (some gliders can really tire you out),
- BSD factor (Big Swinging D*ick) (hey boys, look what I'm flying....)

Anyone care to add any other measures by which a "useful" comparison between gliders can be made?
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By bigalgreen
Thanks for the response and yes my question was way to broad. I'm an intermediate pilot flying a sport 2 175 at Andy Jackson/ Crestline doing ridge soaring and thermaling and not any cross country flying yet. I've recently flown a U2 160, and find it a lot more demanding to fly over all to fly, including keeping the wings level and landing. So I wanted to see feedback others have that have flown the 3 gliders. I 've heard that the T2 is even more demanding to fly.
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By bigalgreen
I think I'll stick to my "honda civil" for a few dozen more flights before upgrading to the crx or the nsx... :P

Awesome! Thanks.

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