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Dear pilot colleagues!

After pulling our reserve chute in a gym and wanted them to repack under DHV instruction we encountered a severe failure with several (3) Skyline Zero Drag harnesses. It was for the pilots not possible to release the chute! The container could not be opened in flying position. After a short inspection we tried to pull out the container first with one hand than with to hands and still the container would not open, we measured the force and it showed above 10kg. This happens because of the cord material. After just one year the cord stiffens out and remains in the shape after the splint is being pulled out. It won't bend and therefor prevents the container from open and a chute failure is the result.

So please check your harness, the same and exact issue occurred on 3 Skyline Zero Drag harnesses.

We temporarily solved this issue and prior to this already informed skyline about this though no action followed. There were also DHV represantitives present and we hope for a security information in some time but I thought I won't held this information back because our lives depend on this! Report your harness to skyline if you have the same problem and can't release the rescue chute.
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By piano_man

I don't have that harness but it's time for a test:

throw the chute
inspect it
fresh repack.
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By piano_man
I just looked at my Woody Valley Tenax and compared to your pics it appears (on your harness) that the grommets (metal rings) are too small and/or the cord material is too thick.

On my Tenax there are big holes and smaller cords. But I'm still going to test throw and repack. Thanks again for the heads up and impetus to do this maintenance procedure that is long overdue for me.

It's interesting to note that in my manual for the chute I have - metamorfosi conar - it states: "Normal maintenance consists of unpacking, checking and repacking the parachute every 90 days following exactly the packing instructions"

So every 3 months, unpack, inspect, and repack. Replace every 10 years.
piano_man wrote:I just looked at my Woody Valley Tenax and compared to your pics it appears (on your harness) that the grommets (metal rings) are too small and/or the cord material is too thick.

BINGO! I have seen this before, with other 'chutes as well. Piano_man has the right stuff, there. Small grommets and/or thick cords are the culprits, there. Age of the cords can also be a factor, but not the only factor, in the mix.

Do not assume that a manufacturer can not make a mistake, or that choices made years ago are entirely valid now. When there is any doubt, get expert help, because it's a life-and-death issue. Keep your pride in your pocket, for stuff like this.

As a side note, those grommets appear to be ragged inside, with sharp edges that can snag the cord. Quality grommets are smooth and rounded inside, when properly driven. Peace of mind comes cheap, so inspect your stuff, and attend to any problems found. It will be worthwhile.
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By tom emery
Timely advice. Just bought a used High Energy pod harness. The quality and construction are excellent. It is currently with Rob McKenzie for a repack. I can't imagine going for the chute and not being able to get it out. Unbelievable.
By Avolare
Mine worked flawlessly. But I see exactly what you mean and will have the loops replaced. The only proper solution I see however would be to have the old loops cut out and new ones sewn in.

Unless using a really short loop of say, thin bungee cord looped through the originals would work. Does anyone see an issue with that for maybe entanglement or reliability?

Btw. I hate sewing that zipper shut!

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By Mavi Gogun
Thanks much, "kanapee"- I'll throw the chute before replacing the cords, report back.

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