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By deeprecon1

Lift lover has been shooting all kinds of video with his and it looks great !

get over to woot and get a great deal on a good action cam ...




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By jjcote
Yeah, I ordered one this morning. We'll see how it goes. Like, if I ever bother to use it. Or to watch the video if I do.
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By tom emery
Today is Saturday. Can't seem to order one. Is this just a one day one deal? I don't want a robo vacuum, I have a great wife.
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By jjcote
Yeah, woot sells one thing each day, that's their schtick. (Well, one thing, plus one T-shirt, plus one vaguely wine-related thing, plus one thing for kids, plus one home-related thing, plus one other thing.) But if you keep your eye on the site, these cameras will likely pop up again in a month or two.
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By tom emery
Roger that.
I would appreciate some feedback from anyone using this camera for videoing hang gliding.
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By Wakinyan
Actually that camera is AEE SD20 Action cam which is re-branded following:

Swann Freestyle 1080p HD (USA)
Rollei Action Cam 200 (North Europe)
ActionPro SD20 (Germany) http://www.helmkamera-onlineshop.de/sd2 ... a-aee.html
Xtrax SD20 (South America)

Yo! ActionCam SD20 (Spain) http://www.facebook.com/Yo.MiCamaraHD

I bought my Rollei Action cam 200 about month a go 199€ at http://cdon.fi/kotielektroniikka/rollei ... t-15651567
but it wasn't so good that I expected. It was a bit disappointment.

-image is quite poor in darker contitions (evening), but average in day shooting
-really poor black/white balance
-poor image stabilizer
-remote control operating distance is barely 1m (package says 5m)

Here's my Midland XTC200 vs Rollei ActionCam test, it recorded in evening (9 P.M)

Few other reference videos

There's newer versions coming up hopefully they have done some improvement to it.
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By Wakinyan
Another clip of AEE SD20 exposure issues:

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By jjcote
Mine just arrived today. Maybe I'll get a chance to try it out before too long.
By NicoleJ
Glad to hear that some of action camera these days are sale in discounted price and most of them have really good quality and perfect for recording videos.
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By jjcote
The update on mine is that I've used it once so far, and it wasn't for flying.

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