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SG: Re the thread at http://www.hanggliding.org/viewtopic.php?t=24109

Could we make a request for you to create a new Forum for
"HangGliding.Org Events" here?

A Forum where we can keep track of where and when we all could have a chance to hang out together? Build personal relationships?

Davis's OzReport "Fly-Ins & Competitions" Forum has really captured the heavy duty FAI CIVL Cat 1 and Cat 2 Market.

But the fun side of the sport plugs in here at hanggliding.org

We need an event forum whose focus is the fun side of life. Too few people outside of the locals hear about these fly-ins and such.

Please? HG.Org has become so popular that threads on the General forum are several pages back within days.
A dedicated "HangGliding.Org Events" forum will keep current events current.
Much Thanks!
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