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Rack pad – Pool noodle – best way to cut and cover

1 – noodle cut

I found this thread which is pretty good - http://www.hanggliding.org/viewtopic.ph ... 49&start=0

Is the spiral or wave cut working well for you guys?

I am thinking of something like the wave because I need to quickly remove the padding sometimes.

2 – covering

What covers work well. Again it needs to be removable.

I used bare noodles but after about a year they start breaking down and little foam bits stat getting over everything.

I was thinking maybe a vinyl cover wit either Velcro (which can get filled with crud) or maybe snaps

3 – Is there something better?

Other than Mike’s custom molded rack pads (which are awesome from the pics http://ozreport.com/14.066.1) what do y’all like?
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By day dreamer
I use the pool noodle. They last really long, and durable enough to take hauling a lot of lumber without any damage.
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By axo
i have seen insulation noodles in the air conditioner section at home depot, which is not as thick as the pool noodle but still work good for the rack.
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By Skyhighwoman
Marine vinyl. You can get it at a fabic store. Comes in different colors.

How you attach them is up to you. The way I did it was painful and long but it required no sewing. You would not be able to remove it.

I did buy some 3/4" closed foam that was pretty expensive but after 5yrs or so it is still good. The tape wore out b4 the foam did. Instead of retapping I covered it.

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By Hangskier
Auto race supply shops have bar padding for roll cages that is thicker on one side. Exactly same material as pool noodles. This is what I ended up using with tape. The tape is used not only to keep padding on but also easier to clean off bugs. Years ago I purchased nylon covered padding made for hang gliding and I think I got them from Mission in San Fran.
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By Bobfly
I just cut my pool noodles length wise in a straight line. I'm not coordinated enough to attempt the wavy cut. :lol: Covering them with marine vinyl is a good idea.
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By Nibs
I use pool noodles, no cut. Once a year I just remove one of the Q-Towers from my yakima rack and then just slide the bar through the hole in pool noddle. It's a tight fit so I spray some silicone lubricant on the rod so it can slide easily. Why is this sounding dirty?

For the T-bar, I just cut the noodle in half and use big hose clamps or tip ties to keep it in place.
By Yosoytupadre
Straight cut. PVC Pipe Tape - Find it at Home Depot.
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By Bill T
I tried the spiral cut and waisted one. My tubing was to big for the spiral to work. I went with a double cut so it fit over the sq tubing and wrapped it with 10 mil pvc tape. It should last for years and works good.
By blindrodie
Why is this sounding dirty?
Because you're a perv? :wink:

Anyway, pool noodles for years. Started with them on ladder rungs. Moved to straight rack bars and a straight cut with Zip ties.

Now I'm moving on to 2bye4's on straight rack bars, padded by close sell foam
and covered with marine vinyl. (Actually building it now) 8)
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By jjcote
I've got pipe insulation on my ladder with a strip of ductape on each end, and on my extenders, I have a noodle on top of the wooden cross piece and the whole business wrapped in Gorilla tape.
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By Mavi Gogun
Indoor-outdoor carpeting covers my pads. Put two rails running the length the shell on my truck, stacked foam between wrapped in carpet, then zig-zagged climbing rope across the rails to act as tie points and hold the pad tight to the top. Not only does it provide better support than padded rails, it presents far less drag- and makes an awesome bed for summer star gazing.

I used a straight sliced pool noodle covered in carpet for the removable front rack.
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By Eteamjack
I cut mine length wise with sharp scissors. I also take mine off after
each flight. I've used pipe tape before, but the heat caused the tape
to leave marks on glider bags. If you need to secure tie wraps work well.
Pool noodles come in two sizes large and small. I use the large ones
with hole in center. Work quite well and cheap. I wouldn't even cover them just change out once a year.
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By gregangsten
I padded the rack with neoprene foam scraps from a wetsuit shop. Very resilient and durable. They have been on for 10 years and are still perfectly effective. They are wrapped in PVC tape which does need to be replaced every few years.
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By Andrew Vanis
Thanks for the replies and ideas.

I guess it comes down to permanent-ish or easily removable.

I wonder if the noodles would hold up to truck liner spraying? that way maybe the noodles could stay on the vehicle w/o UV damage.

And maybe with the S-cut they could also come off when the rack is needed for non-padded events
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i use a fir 2x4 which is flat and easier on hg tubing place some carpet pad on the hg side and wrap it with exterior carpet then bolt it to the rack, it s more of a permanent design, but i use my truck for hg only
Andrew Vanis wrote:Other than Mike’s custom molded rack pads what do y’all like?
I have removable padding mounted on 2X4's and covered in vinyl.
I can take off the padding and use the rack for lumber/pipe...

Here is a construction drawing for the end view of each pad.
RackPadding.jpg (135.89 KiB) Viewed 8089 times
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By SeeMarkFly
You could do about the same thing with noodles.
I wanted the 3 1/2 inches of the 2X4 so as not to dig into glider on the contact point.
(spread out the contact surface area)
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Awesome! Thanks.

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