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By Flyking
I just found out about a possible mid ait at the South Side of the Point :cry: :cry: It was betwwen and para glider and a hang glider. The Hang Glider pilot broke his neck and died :cry: Anyon else hear about this incident? :cry:

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By skyshaddo
It's true.
There was a mid air collision on the Southside POM resulting in the death of a hangglider pilot.
A sad day for Utah freeflight.

Details to follow.

Black Skies,

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By IrishGuy
Oh no that is horrible news =(
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By Spark
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By BBJCaptain
OH NO :cry:
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By hgnv
:( :( :(
My sincere condolances to family and friends...
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By HangDog
OMG!!!!!!! I can't believe this.
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By danmoser
Horrible news ... a black day for all Utah fliers.
Instead of reporting unconfirmed details now, which may or may not be true, we'll piece together the confirmed facts and report them here soon.

Sadly, this was very avoidable.
Many of us HG pilots have had a feeling that this kind of accident was inevitable at the south side, and have increasingly been avoiding the place.
The south side can become very crowded at times and it is especially dangerous when the lift is light and the lift band narrow.
Add to that a mix of paras and hangies soaring at different airspeeds, and the danger increases.
Renegade fliers with inadequate skills and disregard for the rules are all too common at the POM.
This can lead to flying with an angry attitude towards other fliers, which adds even more danger on top of danger.

We're greatly saddened.
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By knumbknuts
That's about as well and maturely as it can be expressed, Dan, thanks.
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By Davedebogusone
One reason I dont fly , in crowded conditions, especially the low altitude back and forth kind.

News report can be interpreted too many different ways as written .
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By ChattaroyMan
Sad. I hope the POM pg/hg pilots can learn from this tragedy and develop mutually adopted site use protocols to minimize the likelihood of the accident from happening again (or better enforce adequate protocols already in place). It has been 30+ years since I've flown there - pretty much my first true textbook ridge soaring experience. Too bad as well that it takes a very serious wake-up call for us humans to put safety back at center stage. My feelings go out to the families of both pilots and all POM fliers.
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By JohnG
I spent all morning flying the southside. I literally left minutes before the accident. It is horrific and surreal to me. I am especially saddened for my friends who were still there when I left and to all involved. It was a beautiful, normal Saturday southside day. My condolences to the family of the deceased. It is a sad day for the community. Everyone take care.
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By Wes
Damn :( :( :(
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By SkyPilot
This is so sad to hear :( When something like this happens the pain is felt by everyone. My condolences to the pilot's family and friends.
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By Eteamjack
Not Good!!
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By laminac
It seems there have been several collisions in the past few weeks (one yesterday and one last week or so both between 2 para-gliders, and now this one) no one has been injured from the others, but it does seem to be an increasing problem at POTM

I was at the point during the crash, I'll hold all my comments until the details are fully posted.

Best regards to the family.
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By Ib_local
[quote="Flyking"]I just found out about a possible mid ait at the South Side of the Point :cry: :cry: It was betwwen and para glider and a hang glider. The Hang Glider pilot broke his neck and died :cry: Anyon else hear about this incident? :cry:[/quote I heard the pg kited up in front of the hg whrn he was on final, the hg hit the pg and dove in. If this is what actually happened,i sure wouldent want to be the pg pilot right now. h
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