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By boarini2003
I was inactive for most of 2009, but I thought to share a video of flying at a bunch of different sites by different pilots in Guatemala when I was down there. Some interesting footage IMO, including a water landing :crazy:

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By Windlord
Thanks for the vid. :thumbsup:
Just goes to show, no matter where in the world you are, flying is fun
for all.
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By Bobfly
Excellent vid. That water landing looked scary. :shock:
By Ido
I traveled in Guatemala 2 yrs ago and spent 2.5 weeks by villages on lago Atitlan. It offers many spoils to any kind of traveler, I remember inquiring about hang gliding in Panajachel, but i was too High and too sick to go for it...
Great Video!
yet another reason to go back.
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By Nicos
Great vid, thanks for posting!

Scary launch at 1.30 too :-o

Those Brazillians eh
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By bentupright
Scary launches and even scarier water landing, yes!
I have had nightmares about water landings but this guy turtled it up nicely.
I was working in Guatemala last August and loved it there. Nice people and live volcanos lighting up the sky at night.
I wish i had made it over to Lake Atitlan.

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