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I'm the fat guy in the jacket measuring the spot landing. I couldn't fly this year because the dang shoulder. Looking forward to next year. Johnny flies for the first time at Coloma, Welcome to the club bro :thumbsup:
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By Windlord
Looked like some good fun. :thumbsup:
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By skypimp
George who ?
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By hgflyer
Did George H. win the sport landing contest? Looks great guys. Good job. Congrats to Johnny, for making his way up the ranks to fly Coloma.
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By skypilot155
:mosh: Yep, that's George Hamilton winning the spot landing contest :mosh:
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By relate2
Thanks skypilot155 for the video, I enjoyed that, very well done, looked like a great get together and all decent landings. Boy do those rigids have a glide on them.
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By skypilot155
Thanks, I wish I could take the credit but the video was actually done by another pilot, Mike Johnson who sent it to me and I posted, Great job Mike :thumbsup:
By noman3
i enjoyed the footage thanks.
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By dougrat
Nice Video, Mike, But who is that singing in the back ground :shock: Congrats to George, sorry we missied this year. Doug
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By Erik Boehm
2 points:
1) Nice landings, some weren't pretty, but the LZ wasn't an impact zone. My one question is if the guy flying the Rigid at 2:56 whacked.... the video cuts before we see the landing, but it didn't look like it was going to be a "textbook" landing

2) I've been thinking about going out to Coloma for the last ~4 years, as it is the closest flying site to Davis, California. It would beat driving to mount Diablo, or back to the Folks and Ed Levin/Mission. Now that my position/Work in Sacramento is gone, I have nothing better to do.
If you guys want another driver, you might want to PM me, I'd like to check out the site.
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By skypilot155
The guys signing in the background are Coloma pilots (food, beer, guitars= country music :crazy: ), Yes Kevin (the guy on the ridgid) wacked :rofl: which is pretty uncommon for Kevin. He almost always has beautiful textbook landings :thumbsup:
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By Johnny
SkyPilot - thanks for holding the clubhouse door open for me Dude.
Let's fly !
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By Flying Cavy
Good job Johnny!
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