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By sg
From willswing.com


Robert T. Kells, Jr.
September 7, 1955 – August 9, 2008

Rob Kells passed away on August 9th, 2008 after battling prostate cancer for nearly two years.
Rob was our friend and business partner for more than thirty years, and our sense of loss at his passing is inexpressible. For those of you who knew Rob personally, we know you will understand, and we know that you share our loss.

Wills Wing will go on. The company will, of course, not be the same without Rob, but we remain strongly committed to what has been our mission for the last thirty-five years – to design and manufacture the highest quality hang gliding equipment, and to provide the best possible service to our customers, all of whom we consider to be our friends.

At this time we have no information regarding possible memorial services. As additional information becomes available, we will post it here on our web site.

Thank you for your support, now, and always.

Mike and Linda Meier and Steve Pearson
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By sg
Awwww geeez... this has been a rotten year. So many good people ive been associated with have passed away this year :( Im getting really really tired of death :(
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By Lobido
Yet another reason I will remember Wills Wing's Demo Days at Wallaby with fondness; I had the opportunity to meet Rob. He signed my hat. He was a good guy, and will be missed.
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there are no words to describe the sadness of this...

maybe later I can try to describe what kind of amazing person Rob was, for those that didn't know him...
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By CHassan
Wow what a shame! Like Lobido, one more reason I will remember the demo days, and the first time I met Rob.
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By Windlord
Fly high, my brother, fly high.
We'll meet again at the top of the stack. :(
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By shaddo
The sport and the world just lost one of the GREAT ONES !
Blue Skies Forever!
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By selbaer
Farewell Rob, you will be missed.

Be strong, Trish. We are with you.
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By MysticWizard
This is very sad news, indeed.

Rob was always available to answer my questions on all matters regarding hang gliding and often went out of his way to help me.

Although there is one less bright light shining in our world, there are probably so many happy memories that he left behind.
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By sg
53 is just too damn young :(
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By NMERider
sg wrote:53 is just too damn young :(
May Rob's passing be a reminder to live life like the special and wonderful and transient event that it is.

My brother Michael, died from pancreas cancer on his 52nd birthday, leaving behind his wife and two daughters. My good friend Phil, who I started hang gliding with at age 15, died from a heart attack at age 44, also leaving behind his wife, 2-year old daughter and unborn son. Our tile setter's apprentice died from a congenital heart defect at age 22, also leaving behind a wife and child. I had two co-workers also die in their mid 40s from heart failures, leaving behind wives and sons and daughters. Some of these may have been prevented my early detection and others were ordained at birth.

Life can too easily be taken for granted or too seriously. Somewhere there is a fine yet fluid balance between protecting it and living it. Sometimes I think my own has a bad case of PIOs. What would Rob have to say about all this if he were here now?
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By Pete B
That's really terrible news. :(
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By two40
RIP :(
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By WPuckett
God's Speed to you Rob & see ya on the other side. You lead a great life and I will think of you whenever I'm flying my U2 and having fun
Thanks buddy,
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By BubbleBoy
Dammit! I was really hoping he would make it.

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By Rick M
I am very sad to hear this news this morning. I had the pleasure of meeting Rob this past March at the WW Demo Days. Wonderful man.

My thoughts go out to his family.
By day dreamer
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