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By samarth2004

Several of those wuffo questions !!! one of them was from an elderly villager who inspected my wing thoroughly and said..... Where are the
gas cylinders???
Well people here have only seen Hot air baloons which fly here often.



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By CHassan
noman wrote:my best wofo ? is,HEY WHATS THAT ON UR RACK,R U A POLE VAULTER
I was driving up to norther Illinois, to goto my dad's for a weekend of flying at Freeflight. Glider strapped on top, 2 kids asleep in the back seat. About 2:30-3:00am we get near Aurora and I start seeing all kinds of flashing lights. A cop with a wand waves me off into a parking lot where more Sherrifs, State Cops, and local cops in the parking lot than I think I have ever seen. 3 or 4 meat wagons, and a multiple other vehicles getting the same treatment I was.
They asked me to get out of the car with my driver's liscens, registration, and proof of insurance. So I do.
I hand my stuff to one cop, he hands it to another and asks what I have on the roof. I told him it was a hang glider. He half turns around and yells to his buddies, "IT'S A HANG GLIDER NOT A KAYAK!"
15 minutes of talking about hang gliding to an older cop who "tried it" 20+ years ago at Warren Dunes, and I was on my way.

(I've never seena 13'x 12" kayak, but maybe they have??)
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By UnTuckable
Hey! (wuffo pointing to gliders on top of truck)
Where's your boat!?
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By fly n mater
taking the shuttle up Tiger mountain. There's about 15 of us, 14 PGers and me with my HG. the glider is strapped down and we're all resting our arms on the glider when one of them asks, "Whats this we're resting on?"
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By mochamon
TB wrote:What happens when the wind dies..?

Oh that's no big deal , you see it's gravity powered :shock:
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By Mrsposer
fly n mater wrote:taking the shuttle up Tiger mountain. There's about 15 of us, 14 PGers and me with my HG. the glider is strapped down and we're all resting our arms on the glider when one of them asks, "Whats this we're resting on?"

I don't know if I want to laugh or cry at that one! :wink:
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By franklingrx
"Where do you jump? Where do you hit?"
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By Love2Glide
Of course you realize that wuffo's are not waiting around to watch you launch - they are waiting around to watch you die in a horrible crash.


The stupid questions are just their way of trying to figure out why you want to die so much.
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By Jake 526
fly n mater wrote:taking the shuttle up Tiger mountain. There's about 15 of us, 14 PGers and me with my HG. the glider is strapped down and we're all resting our arms on the glider when one of them asks, "Whats this we're resting on?"
It's a F16 to you Mr. bags :wink:
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Wuffo question:
"Do your arms get tired hanging on"
Ans; from funny mate,
" yep then you get as low as ya can and let go. Hopefully over the water"
In the LZ.
" So when are you going to take off"
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By PilotGuy
I was actually asked this a few weeks ago:

"Don't you get tired holding the hold thing together so it doesn't fall apart when you fly?"

:ahh: :ahh:
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By xlq
Avnav8r wrote:One man aked me, "How long can you hang on before you drop?" I said, "I always try to get close to the landing field so I don't have to walk too far to get my glider". Satisfied with the answer, he left before I could tell him the truth.
:lol: Maybe that's why there aren't so many new hg pilots.
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By Tex
" Go crazy guy, GO" that is gold! From the mouths of babes hey?

Not really a wuffo question...anyway...

One occaision when my then 4 year old was at launch and misbehaving a little while I was setting up (running off with a batt... err I mean "fairy wand"), I had given her a few optiions and advised "Well I am starting to lose my patience."

To which she replied lovingly and reassuringly "It's OK we'll find you another patient."
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By airdynamic
....Are you a fairy?....... :shock: ......She was 3 and I was flying a pink glider. I see the delema.
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By airdynamic
Yers ago my Dad and some flying buddies were up a 4x4 track. Three gliders on the roof almost at the top of the mountain......
Old man walking by says Hello, looks the gliders, looks back at my Dad and says...
"Nice day for rowing"

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
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By knumbknuts
BubbleBoy wrote:The one we refer to often happened to my buddy Matt at Lake Millerton here in CA. It's one of those 'setup on the paved shoulder, climb over the guardrail and launch' sites.

He's setting up one evening for a glass-off flight and a busload of Asian tourists stops and unloads. People poking and prodding and waving and nodding. Matt meanwhile like the good HG sport representative that he is is trying to wave his hands around and answer all the questions he can't even understand.

Finally, one of the older gentlemen comes over and gets in his face and wags a finger back and forth -- "YOU NO TALKIE -- YOU FLY!!"

ROFLAO!! We've used that ever since on launch potatoes.


PS Apologies to Matt if not recounted perfectly
I think I know Matt... he used to fly RC gliders there at Sky Harbor, with mad skills, and had a girlfriend who lost her bird (Valentine) who was found bobbing in Millerton a day or two later by jet skiers (and not falcons).

Matt sunk out and whacked tremendously on one of his first flights... cutting up his knee on the shore, then having to hump his wing up that slope (or out down the coast). That and a guy who augured in on the bluff top and had to get medevaced out set the start of my hang gliding career by about 15 years. I stuck to RC gliders.

Fun story. Wonder what the Japanese tourists were doing on that dead end road.

I've been bugging Dan Fleming to give me the gouge on that site. My old man still has a house at Herndon and Fresno, but that's on the sales block. I want to fly that site this summer.

Back on the topic, I was quite the wuffo when I'd see these guys unfold their wings and launch....
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By ifly4funn
How far you going to fly that contraption?
All the way to the crash site.
(stole that response from Ron White).
And like others, I wait for the response and then reveal the rest of the story.
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By Skyhighwoman
This was asked just last week.

What kind of motor do you use to launch? :crazy:

I had to think about it, exactly what she was asking -Oh we have 2HP. My two legs. 8)
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By remmoore
I've got two favorites - one from an adult, and one from a child.

I had landed on a hillside that I came to learn was owned by the local state college. A security guard rolled up and started to harrass me about landing there. Before I could make up the usual excuse about running out of lift, he chimed in, "I guess you guys don't really have any control other these (gliders), you just float around like a leaf, huh?" I quickly replied, "Yessir, that's exactly right!" End of conflict.

Another time, a couple of us flew a seldom-used bandito site, and found ourselves forced to land in this general-recreation field next to an elementary school. As we were flying in over the school, we could see students and teachers in the adjacent playground staring up at us. The field was empty, BTW.

After landing, we noticed a broad line of kids standing at the edge of the field, and a teacher striding quickly toward us. Assuming she was coming to give us a parcel of sh*t, we braced for the worst.

As she got about halfway to us, she stopped and yelled out, "Can the children come and talk to you?" Relieved, we immediately replied that they could. It was like a stampede, as these kids came rushing across the field. Clearly, this was a big deal for them, and their excitement was fun for us to see.

Many kids of that age have no filter on what they say or ask, so we were getting some doozies. Stuff the adults might think to ask, but refrain. There were several questions along the lines of, "Did you ever crash into a house/car/school?" But my all-time favorite was a little boy who clearly was too excited to think through the question before blurting it out, "Did you ever DIE?"

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By pud
(Many years ago)....

Punter...looking a my freshly bent upright...
"How on earth do you manage that?"

Me..."I buy the tube wholesale"

:shock: :shock: :shock:

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