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By miraclepieco
If safety is our primary consideration, we would never leave the security of our couch.

You'll notice the guys who claim safety is paramount still fly prone where your head hits first in a crash, rather than supine where your legs take the impact. So clearly we all make compromises for the sake of performance.

The ultimate hang gliding helmet would be a giant 3-foot hard-shell styrofoam globe around our heads, and on forums you'll always get a certain demographic trying to outdo one another as to who can shout "safety" the loudest. But if you've already decided to "get off the couch," and reaching the pinnacle of the hang gliding experience is your goal, make your helmet part of an integrated streamlined system that won't hold you back.

Moyes RX3, Rotor Havana, Lubin Aero:
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By remmoore
Hmm...well, I guess a Lubin might seem sesible to someone completely obsessed with winning. I still fly purely for the love of soaring like a bird, going XC if feasible, and coming home safely to my family afterward. I like knowing that I’m not taking unnecessary risks in my helmet safety - that I’ve chosen the best/safest helmet I can get for flying.

Comp-obsessed world-beaters are free to disagree.

By Roadrunner71
Guys: I would love to hear from some else who has had a Helmet Fail to do the Job that You the Pilot had intended the Helmet to do. That Job would have been to protect your Skull in the event such as an unwanted impact causing your head to experience being subjected to being subjected to an impact. Where the impact of your Helmet wearing Skull was subjected to a unwanted High G deceleration experience. In other words: I would love to hear from another Pilot who had a scenario where said Pilot was wearing their Helmet : Well when their Helmet needed to do the Job that Said Pilot had intended that their Helmet would perform. Where their Helmet failed to do the job of lessening the High G-Shock load that was going to reach Said Pilots Skull and Brain . I am going to list my Email address, and my phone number: CCMCK@GOLDSTATE.NET 925-497-1059.

Well, I am going to do a foolish thing right here and now. So as of September 13th 2018 I Chris McKeon am saying that: "A Charly Insider Helmet" regarding being a Good Helmet for one to wear in order to keep your Skull safe from the effects of being in the situation where the Helmet is called upon to protect the wearer of a Charly Insider Helmet. I was, I needed my Charly Insider Helmet to protect my Skull. More to the point: I realize that I am opening myself here this Lovely September 13th 2018 day to a lawsuit . A lawsuit that will be brought upon me by some Crooked layer that will possibly be on the attack due to the fact that I am saying some very disparaging comments regarding what I Chris McKeon am saying regarding a {CHARLEY INSIDER HELMET}. I say to all of you that use a Charley Insider Helmet for things that it would be appropriate for A Charly Insider Helmet to be used for: Things such as using a Charley insider as a thing that you could fill up with potting soil. Yes, You could use your Charly insider helmet to perform a task that all of must do to survive.

Yes, you could use your potting soil filled Charly Insider Helmet to grow yourself some Food.

One more point: To that Pilot who made the snide remark on this Forum quit a while ago: "HE HAS ISSUES WITH HELMETS" . No, No, NO! I have issues with a particular Helmet. THAT HELMET WOULD BE:


O-K GUYS: I know that I should not be going off talking about my Helmet and how it failed to protect my Brain. But you must realize that I am going down a road, a road that I never dreamed that I would ever be travelling. Well Yes I am venting here. For that I both feel sort of bad, and I also feel pretty good about. For I am still here, I am able to manually operate my finger digits in order to type this Post. I promise that I will not put up another Post where I will be venting regarding my Helmets poor performance. No my next post will be when I type up a post describing how much Fun I had when I get back to the R-C Model site in Pittsburg Ca.

Message to Pilot X: X I will be needing a Layer a Lawyer I presume. I assume that when Charlie gets wind of my ranting regarding the lack of their Helmet. The Charlie Insider to protect a person when Said Person's Skull is subjected to a high G impact. That their Helmet did such a poor job of lessening the amount of a G-load due to an unwanted impact from reaching said Pilots Brain. By the Way: Sid Pilot, was Me Chris McKeon.

Well I think that I elaborated more than enough here. I mean it, I will cease to run my mouth any more on this Forum. This Forum is here for us to have a place to put up Posts regarding flying.

Good By Chris McKeon
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By remmoore
Roadrunner71 wrote:
Thu Sep 13, 2018 2:30 pm
Message to Pilot X: X I will be needing a Layer a Lawyer I presume. I assume that when Charlie gets wind of my ranting regarding the lack of their Helmet. The Charlie Insider to protect a person when Said Person's Skull is subjected to a high G impact. That their Helmet did such a poor job of lessening the amount of a G-load due to an unwanted impact from reaching said Pilots Brain. By the Way: Sid Pilot, was Me Chris McKeon.

Well I think that I elaborated more than enough here. I mean it, I will cease to run my mouth any more on this Forum. This Forum is here for us to have a place to put up Posts regarding flying.

Good By Chris McKeon

Thanks for commenting on this thread. While I have always used a DOT-certified helmet for HG, it was your injury that turned me into an advocate for better helmet protection for pilots. There are plenty of pilots out there who haven't given much thought to the quality of their helmet when it could be needed the most. They think, "Well, it was made for HG, so it must be good enough." By adding your voice to the discussion, I hope others will reconsider their choice in helmet protection. I know there are a lot of our mutual friends who have swapped out their EN-966 helmets for something more protective (many of them going to Kali) after seeing your incredible struggle to recover from you injuries.

This forum is for more than talking about our latest adventures. It's also about learning from each other how to stay safe and alive. As someone who has experienced near-fatal brain injury while using a EN-966 helmet, you voice is powerful and very significant.

Thanks, my friend.

By Roadrunner71

Thanks "X" for your Kind words regarding my Brain Damaged Rant regarding Charlie Insider Helmets. You know I sort of expected Pilots to be somewhat Critical regarding my situation. I was sitting on my Hands, waiting to be negatively judged regarding my efforts to regain my place in the sky. But NO, NOT ONCE HAS ANYONE VOICED A CONDESCENDING COMMENT REGARDING MY EFFORTS TO REGAIN MY PLACE IN THE SKY". TO THE CONTRARY. I have received nothing but kindness and encouragement. Guys: Thank You For your encouragements. I thank all of you. For, this is just me talking here. I see our Flying community as a Family. Thanks Everyone, THANKS!

Good By Chris Mckeon 925-497-1059, The Phoenix Guy in the Sky.
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By jjcote
I've been flying with some unmodified Kali helmet for the past couple of years, and I have not found the weight to be even noticeable (I had a Charly Insider before). There are only two annoyances:
- I can't easily see the (chest-mounted) parachute pins. But I can still check them by feel.
- I can't hear my vario when I'm on tow. It's fine once I release, but with the additional airspeed on tow, it gets too noisy. A louder vario would solve that problem if I cared.

I suppose it's not as aerodynamically slick as some other helmets. Not that I care. It's hardly my largest source of drag.
By blindrodie
Looks interesting. I'm not a fan of open face... :?

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By red
maximilionalpha wrote:
Thu Sep 20, 2018 7:55 am
Since we're on the topic of helmets; I'm thinking of buying one of these...
https://www.ebay.com/itm/Adult-Snow-Spo ... 1973881198
What's your thoughts/opinions, on doing so? Thanks!

The bikers have an old proverb, "If you have a twenty dollar head, wear a twenty dollar helmet."

*Please* check out the new helmet technologies such as 6D, Fusion, and MIPs. Lots of helmet makers have adopted the MIPs technology, being the cheapest way to get near the 6D protection standards. Rotational protection can be as important as impact protection. No helmet can protect against very serious impacts, but some can lessen the damage done to your brain. A lot of damage can be done in there, without a skull fracture.

Even the worst (thin) helmets can provide a little protection, but once you want a helmet, I'd say buy the best you can get. The drag factor is insignificant for any helmet, IMHO.
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By DMarley
You've read the posts from Chris, right?!

How much do you value your brain? We're not skateboarding. Chris was wearing a more substantial, full-face helmet than what you are considering. Don't think that can't happen to you if you encounter unexpected bad turbulence in the LZ.
While your considered helmet would be better than a baseball cap, I'd look for something more adequate for HG flying.
Don't go cheap on your noggin's protection.
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By DMarley
... Also, Max,
don't be so quick to purchase a helmet sight unseen, or not test-fitted. For a helmet to perform to it's maximum protection, it has to fit well without any hard and/or loose spots, without being loose or tight. It's gotta fit well.
There are a multitude of different-shaped heads. It's helpful to determine your head shape. Most decent motorcycle helmet manufacturers will give you an idea of the shape of head that best fits their line of helmets. Some heads are oblonged, while some are nearly spherical. Other shapes also are prevalent, so it's best to test-fit each helmet you may be interested in. No helmet that will protect you will be a one-size-fits-all model.
Just like a reserve, a helmet is your last line of defense. Find the helmet that will do you the most good when you need it most. Just ask Chris McKeon.
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By maximilionalpha
I've got a pretty big noggin (63cm)and the helmet that I currently own(Charly Insider XL), which is a bit too small, so I was just looking for a temporary, quick replacement, but now I'm thinking better of going that route and will invest in a long-term hang gliding helmet. Thanks for your opinions guys!
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By magicpotato
Wow, so great to see this topic having great discussions and inputs. Thanks!

Also, thanks for bringing up the MIPS technology. I knew someone who suffered serious brain injury from a Jeep rollover and the car spun several times upside down. The doctors concluded that this was the cause of her TBI, not the initial impact. After an hour or so on the web, I came across this helmet: https://www.giro.com/us_en/strive.html. It's for alpine skiers, but looks quite sturdy and has the MIPS technology (go on amazon to save some $$$). On the plus side, it looks aerodynamic and sleek, and is lightweight. Downside is that it is open face and is not up to motorcycle helmet standards. Anyways, just another find after taking all this great information in. Keep it coming!
By Roadrunner71

We, We Hang Glider Pilots have a Problem. For we choose to engage in an activity that has the Very real possibility of creating a Situation where the Pilot, That means: You or I will have the very real possibility of encountering a situation where we will need our Helmet to be called upon to protect our Skulls. Not just the outside of our skulls but what is inside of our Skulls, our Brains!

I do not see why this lack of a helmet technology is not unsurmountable by Helmet MFG's. I mean look at it like what it is. W e have a Problem. I do understand why this Problem. The very real problem of how the current Helmet Technology. Does such a poor job preventing our Skulls wich house our brains from encountering a high G-load from being rapidly encountering a High G-LOad from a Strike to the Helmets that we are wearing.

We really do have a Problem. Yes I did say the word We. The Day could very well come when you will need your Helmet to protect your most precious asset. Your Brain! It is a very real problem. For {We Pilots} are flying with helmets that were developed using Flawed Technology. I can not believe that I used the word Technology to help me make a Statement regarding the Helmets that we wear to protect ourselves in possible reality that we pound.

I have talked with Pilot-X about why Helmet Manufacturers do not Market their Helmets citing how their Helmet will defuse X amount of a G-Load due to a Head Strike from reaching the wearers Skull and their Brain. Well it will defuse an initial Head strike load of X-G's To X Minus of a G Load. Well Pilot-X says hat Helmet Manufacturers won't publish this very real, quantifiable information because of a a fear of some Crooked Lawyer Who was hired by an equally crooked individual would sue the Helmet Manufacturer.

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By red
red wrote:
Thu Sep 20, 2018 9:25 am
*Please* check out the new helmet technologies such as 6D, Fusion, and MIPs.
The drag factor is insignificant for any helmet, IMHO.

Okay, I stand corrected. Somebody pointed out this odd example of a helmet, below. As helmets go, I am amazed. This one may cause some drag.

ANY holes (such as ventilation slots) in a helmet can be bad luck. I have seen helmets with large holes (or slots), which the maker "streamlined" by covering the holes with decorative (and useless) thin plastic. Holes and slots can weaken a helmet, in an impact. A too-thin outer shell can be penetrated by a rock or any sharp object, causing an instant hole in exactly the wrong place.

Any projections (such as camera mounts, sun-visors, electrical plugs mounted outside the shell, et c.) can also be bad news. Likewise for any fabric decorations, of course.

Anything mounted on the outside of a helmet should use easy-to-shear small plastic bolts; these plastic bolts should be NO thicker than what is needed to do the job. Most hardware stores sell plastic bolts in all sizes.

These problem makers can "hook" when sliding across the landscape, yanking the head around in a twisting motion, like a football player getting face-masked. A helmet should SLIDE then, not stop, to avoid a catastrophic brain or spinal injury. So, IMHO, any deviation from a smooth round helmet shape should be avoided.

Seems reasonable to me, that anything about a helmet which limits your vision angles should also be avoided. I fly for the scenery, in the first place. 8)

Beware of rusty or gritty snaps that hold a sun-visor or face shield on a helmet. They need to hold securely and release properly in certain impacts.

Bring your good values and judgment (and maybe a second set of eyes) with you when shopping for a new skid lid.


All IMHO, of course . . .

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