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Hey guys!

I am thinking of going back out to the hills again. I haven't flown in about 5 or 6 years now. Give me some thoughts about the latest and greatest glider. I am still going to be on the conservative side as I am still 100 pounds. I had my falcon 145 custom built for my small frame but I sold it shortly after my dad died for personal reasons. If I fly again, I know I'm going to need something modified so that the glider isn't unstable on launch. Okay...go!

First off - welcome back, haven't heard from you in awhile!

Second - I think you need to ask yourself what type of glider you want to re-enter on. Were you flying only the Falcon? If so, I'm guessing you want another SS glider, but are looking at other SS options. Are you open to beginner/intermediate DS gliders?

I know a petite female pilot who is trying to go from a Falcon 145 to an easy DS wing like the Northwing Pulse. She, too has control frame issues, so not just any small sized glider will work. She thinks the Pulse would work for her, but I don't know the specifics of why. Maybe something to look into...

Have you considered Moyes? They have a reputation for making small versions of virtually all their wings, and being especially accommodating to female pilots. It's one reason so many women fliers are on Moyes gliders worldwide.

After a 6-year hiatus, I discovered that returning to flight is like riding a bike - you just don't forget how. I jumped right off the "big hill" on a rigid - no training hill reintroduction or easy glider. You'll do fine!
Welcome back! Lot's of good, used SS wings out there. Get the smaller A frame on what ever you buy and you will be back in the saddle in no time!

Welcome back Mrs P!
Buy platform shoes, cheaper than special ordered small frames. :)

Other than that I have nothing...... :popcorn:
Yes I was on a Falcon 145 before and I had it custom built so that the control frame was more like that of a 140 with a smaller apex so that the basebar/wheels were not touching the ground and so that it sat up higher on my shoulders and felt more stable. The larger frame is very unstable for me on launch and most of you will remember that I had to rig it up with foam in such a way that I got the proper fit so I could feel stable on launch. But it was never a good solution for me.

I would have to be a casual pilot about every other weekend or so as I have 2 littles now. Plus, my job will keep me too busy for any flights during the week. Knowing this, I would want to make sure I stay on the conservative side and would most likely never fly enough to transition to a double surface anyway.

I had a falcon 3 last time. Tell me the difference between it and the falcon 4.

On a side note to CHassan, I have enjoyed seeing your riding pics on fb. That's also something I am missing but I probably need to transition into one thing at a time. :)
Mrsposer wrote:
Wed Jun 20, 2018 12:18 pm
I would have to be a casual pilot about every other weekend or so as I have 2 littles now. Plus, my job will keep me too busy for any flights during the week.
I'm in that exact situation now, too. Life changes...fantastic in some ways, but not so great in terms of HG freedom.

remmoore wrote:
Wed Jun 20, 2018 1:26 pm
Mrsposer wrote:
Wed Jun 20, 2018 12:18 pm
I would have to be a casual pilot about every other weekend or so as I have 2 littles now. Plus, my job will keep me too busy for any flights during the week.
I'm in that exact situation now, too. Life changes...fantastic in some ways, but not so great in terms of HG freedom.


I hear you. I have a pretty demanding job already and I am looking at an opportunity for advancement. And, my kids will always be first no matter what I do. I'm just looking for some opportunities to do some Judy things to decompress from everything.
Hey, MrsP! Good to hear from you!

Wish I could help there, but anyway, good luck with the hunt.
By MtMan
Go for the 9M Pulse:
+ her factory-standard control frame is smaller than WW's Falcon 145 frame
+ she's back in current production through North Wing so no worries about getting replacement downtubes or parts
+ her flying/landing characteristics are confidence-inspiring (Pulses grip the air better than Falcons which can be skate-y/yaw-y in comparison)

Whoever said Moyes excels at servicing smaller pilots needs to get them to make a small Gecko already (vs a frankenstein-ed frame on a 155).
I don't know what manufacturer has a glider with an especially small control frame, or who will custom make one for you. But every H1 and H2 glider made since about 1990 is sweet. Certainly the single surfaces. The mellowest double surface gliders are very confidence inspiring and easy to fly. I didn't know anybody was still making the Pulse--a very friendly glider, as is its predecessor, the Vision Mk IV. The Eagle, Spectrum, and Saturn are a little hotter and demand slightly more control. I've had a lot of flight time on all those and can confidently recommend them. I owned a 170 Falcon 1 for a few years--loved it. Aerotowed a 195 Falcon 3 a couple weeks ago; seemed pretty much like my F1. Nice, but terrible headwind penetration compared to my normal gliders. First time in 30 years I unintentionally failed to make it back to the main LZ after drifting a ways downwind while thermalling. You'll be happy on any generation of Falcon.
Oh, and I second the guy who said returning after a hiatus is easy. That doesn't mean you shouldn't approach it carefully. After a LONG break from aerotowing, I took an AT tandem. Flew from start to finish, thermalled it for a half hour, felt like I had never stopped. Then didn't fly again for 2 years. Did my first 2 solos on an F3 and a Saturn--piece of cake.
I think I will likely stick to a Falcon. Hey...does anyone know the key differences between a 3 and a 4? I loved my 3 and I regret selling it since it was a custom build for me but life is life. Anyway, yes, I would obviously go back out to the big hill first. My noggin is too precious to me to beat up too much. :)
I fly an F3/195. Never tried an F4, though I've talked to those that have and own them.
The F4 has one extra rib per side, the cross tube is smaller in diameter (less drag), the airframe is one lb lighter in the 195 size, supposedly has slightly better control, but many say it's debatable. Also supposedly stalls at a slightly slower speed, yet can penetrate *slightly* better.
I love my F3, and for the price of a new F4 and it's ever-so-slight advantages over the F3, I would rather find a nice copy of an S2.
Those new F4's are nice looking, though. But I suspect you could find a perfect F3 for quarter of the cost.
Thanks for your reply and thoughts. I am definitely not wanting to spend a fortune since I will be coming back into it as an every other week pilot. That said, at some point I do hope to live close enough that I could work it out to fly more often.
Beating this addiction is hard, specially when making an effort to stay IN!
If you have the option, do check the Moyes Malibu 2 - 166 as it comes with shorter down-tubes (the speedbar is the same length on both the 166 and 188.
Welcome back!
Hello Mrs. Poser:

I sure hope that you are able to do yourself some some Good. I was at the other end of the spectrum. For I weighed at least 290 Lbs. I must say thank You John Heiney. From what I came to learn from talking to John Heiney and He told me too told me to his his Knowledge I had flown a 158 Predator at a higher Hook-in weight than any one he knew of. I have flown my 158 using water Ballast at a Hook-In weight of 340 Pounds.

OFF SUBJECT: I have yet to be beat in peed gliding contest by another King Posted Glider. Not Bad for a Glider that was first flown back in 1995. I really wonder if I flew my Predator in Speed Gliding competitions, Could I keep my winning streak alive.? What A Rocketship my Glider is.

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