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It was blowing in at 18 to 25 when I was set up. So, I waited, and waited. Eventually it quickly layed down to 10 to 15 and dying fast. There was some light turbulence and more than once I almost bailed out and landed. I am glad I hung in there since once I got above the ridge there was smooth lift everywhere. I boated around for half an hour before it shut down.

That's great Larry! This is my old harness, newer one is being worked on. The zipper likes to stick on this one! Rick and Barney got there first and got high. I did not want to self launch with it gusting over 20. Still, it felt good to dig out... this time.
Don is it? well: Nice going. I know there is no feeling better for me anyways than when I would load my Predator, then head up to our local flying site, Mount Diablo, and fly. I quite often would be the only one to fly the Mountain that day. But it was such Fun.

It looked like you had a nice time. Good By Chris McKeon.
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