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By mtpilot
I think it's a much simpler problem. No place to train. If people saw gliders practicing on a training hill, a few people
would want to do it. It would seem within their limits of risk vs a mountain launch. Sadly there are very few training
hills and no way to get them back without huge commitment. No training hill = no new free flight pilots. The future
looks like flight parks and towing, something I have no interest in.
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By Takeo77
I would say Ed Levin park is an exception. If it's flyable there's always training going on there, and it's a park that is open to the public for other activities.
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By flybop
Hey Mt, hope to see you at the Hog Back again soon. We have our new wind socks, thanks for the contribution.

You are so right about training hills. Living where you and I do it just does not make sense, but they are few and far between. There is one outside of Whitehall, on a state section, that Don uses. He may have a few new students this season.

As far as public exposure goes, the Hog Back is great because launch is on a popular hiking trail and the main LZ is right next to the parking lot. We have a lot of onlookers taking pictures and videos on launch. And yes, as long as I am not hooked in I do take the time to talk to them.

I like the idea of cards to hand out. I'll try to come up with something this weekend since the winter storm warning we are under will keep me on the ground.
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By lizzard
Being from the beginnings 1974, there was a frontier to conquer , many things were a first and of course it was and still is fun and relaxing .

Now with insurance, check offs, ratings and wings that are so high tech they last just a few seasons . I find that flying just once month is sufficient and not worth the 300 bucks plus a year to be so called legal ....so i fly at sites where the geography and conditions are in my favor and there are almost no other people there . Just like in the 70's.

I have a small trike a fun 190, a harrier and a shark I also have a heavy 2 place trike which is becoming an antique.
all dacron wings are the number 1 requirement for longevity .

I am lucky to be in a remote coastal place where all this is possible .
I do hold a license that say i may operate an aircraft under 5700 kg's so there is that .
Flying alone most of the time is far more disciplined that it may seem .

Statistically however I do not exist and im sure there are many others .
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By Blue_Seleneth
This is chilling my soul. I got into hang gliding via just such a college trip, to LMFP. I'm a pretty milquetoast person, and I had no awareness of hang gliding beyond fail videos on "That's Incredible." It's hard to imagine any other path in life leading me to make the 5-hour drive to Lookout without that sort of group dynamic, of making the adventure along with 7 fellow college students. But, there were at least four such group trips over the years, and to my knowledge I'm the only person who went back for even a 2nd lesson. Maybe it's not really a significant pipeline for new pilots, but it was crucial for me personally.
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