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By DAVE 858
I dont know why people fret about a little airtraffic. Maybe Im used to it from skydiving where you have no choice but to be in the sky with a bunch of other people all trying to get to the same place. I personally find it quite fun to maneuver through the sea of bags.

Here is my vid from last years Rat Race.

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By Charlie Romeo
I liked your video Dave858,though something was different in the landing paddock, its like there was something missing? . I reckon that any HG trapped on my 600 ft hill, flying at min sink, 300ft above the top with an ever increasing PG bags would not be having fun! Personally i couldn"t wait for my "ticket", to finally get away and totally relax. :)
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By Charlie Romeo
Yes Baitrunner, beautiful country and people, Austrailia's Woodstock- the Aquarius Festival happened in this area. In hindsight should i have made a more PG friendly video, afterall our club is now 10:1 PG to HG, i'm old school and still got issues with the slow demise of HG for the inferior(my prejudice) soaring chute's.
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By Felix
I very much enjoy flying with many other HG's and/or PG's.
I took lessons and got my P2 as well, however it's not really for me....I may at some point get back into it. But for now I like sharing the skies with anyone. When there are lots of PG's around it feels like swimming in an ocean filled with jellyfish :)
Thanks for the video, nice to see some warmth and greenery :thumbsup:
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By Charlie Romeo
Thanks Felix, the club now couldn't function without the PG 's, its almost a PG club with a 10/15% HG. They are a fun and supportive bunch and good to call them mates. It was nice to get away from them though
😉. Very comfortable climate here... We live about the same distance from the equator as Orlando Florida, except in the sth hemisphere 8)

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