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By Everard
Lucky_Chevy wrote:
Wed Jan 31, 2018 6:18 pm
Are the knee pads protection against landing in rocky areas or just general protection?
General protection. In 2013 I landed in a sun-baked plowed field in switching thermic winds and I landed down wind. I sustained badly grazed knees.

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By remmoore
I think knee pads likely offer better protection than wheels in rough terrain. Having said that, I've never flown with either one. :?

By Lazypilot
As if the mention of knee pads wasn't enough, now I'm reading about a "swollen pickle".

My Dad told me while I was still quite young that if I ever found myself in need of knee pads I should recognize right then and there that I had made a big mistake.
By cheesehead
Started in '88, never wore knee pads, never have hurt knees. But some guys who have routinely ugly landings do so in a style that involves impact to the knees (as opposed to whacking or belly-sliding). If you can't get landings right, wear knee pads, use big wheels, run rather than flare, or best of all, get to a training hill and figure out how to do it right. Nothing wrong with being conservative, though--I still usually fly with wheels though they very rarely get utilized.
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By Everard
Everard wrote:
Thu Feb 01, 2018 4:26 am
In 2013 I landed in a sun-baked plowed field in switching thermic winds and I landed down wind. I sustained badly grazed knees.
I failed to mention that I always fly with wheels. On that occasion, even in the slow-flying 154 Sting 3, it was going so fast I could not run it to a halt, so it was a wheels & 'belly' landing, which actually means wheels and knees, unfortunately.

Sometimes in hot and switchy conditions, you just get caught out.
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By gregangsten
I think the knee pads are a worthwhile safety addition that will also save your pants when you are crawling around under the glider to stuff battens. They have only been useful a couple of times over the years but I've seen some people who really messed up their knees and won't fly without them now. One nasty rock could end your flying days.

I've been wearing an older version of this for cool-cold weather for years: http://www.sporthill.com/mens-xc-3sp-zip-top-1/
Pricey, I know, but this fabric is incredible and I'm a fan. No wind gets in, I'm very rarely too hot or too cold. In California winter I wear that over a t-shirt and I'm fine. Add a sweater under it and I'm fine at high altitudes down to freezing. Sleeves are fairly snug, though it's not a speed sleeve.
By FlyingWolfe
UnderArmour ColdGear compression sleeves and yoga pants. Im a female though so I can get away with that. Although I have seen some guys rockin’ the man-tights. Tenax harness keeps my legs plenty warm without layers (tested in 18F temps aloft). New England is freezing in spring, neoprene sleeves added, bar mitts, balaclava when its gonna be freezing. :shock:
By 426 Hemi
OK Here is a Flying Cloths story to take head to. I quickly discovered that Flying in Shorts could bring on a quite a bad Sun-Burn.

I really learned that Flying in Cut-Offs. Then proceeding to get to Cranking and Banking up to OH about Fifteen Thousand Feet or so. Really gave me a Bad Sun-Burn on the Back of my Legs.

Hopefully This Story will put a smile on a couple of Pilots Faces.

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