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By Rick M
Great year.

Low saves are so much fun.

The smoke in Golden was really bad this summer. I hope this coming summer is better for BC.
By blindrodie
Great show Felix. What I liked the most was all the different wings you flew! Care to comment about that ?

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By Felix
Baitrunner wrote:
Wed Jan 10, 2018 7:49 am
Damn Felix, you're living my dream :)

Thanks for sharing this incredible footage!
You're very welcome, glad you enjoyed the video! Yes, I'll have to say that when I moved to the "middle of nowhere" in Canada (Edmonton) 2 years ago (from the Point of the Mountain in Utah) I thought my flying is going to suffer tremendously. Turns out I now enjoy it more when I do get a chance to fly, and being "forced" to go to warmer locations in the winter got me into seeing new places, meeting new people, flying new sites, etc... more than before. I like diversity, and white POTM was fun I found myself bored and somewhat losing interest.
blindrodie wrote:Great show Felix. What I liked the most was all the different wings you flew! Care to comment about that ?

Thank you! I was always interested to fly anything/everything I got a chance to. I believe it's a huge eye opener and great lesson, there's so much learning to be had with different equipment! I now clearly understand that most important in a wing is handling. A wing that responds easily and immediately is best, from any point of view you look at it and for any type of flying: Leisure, XC, Competition, etc. Design is important, but what I found is that sail material is just as important...for example the white Mylar for the top of the glider is a bad choice, it makes a glider stiff, heavy, feeling like it's bigger than it really is, tiring to fly and this kills much of the fun/performance/safety, etc...The best material in my view is the light Technora (UVODL04). Dacron probably too, but honestly I haven't flown a modern topless glider with a Dacron top.

I have no "attachment" to a particular hang glider maker, am open minded and will consider everything out there before making a decision on what to get for myself. I never got the idea of "staying true" to one maker, unless it was a sponsorship situation. Like, if you give me a new glider for free (or next to nothing) I'll fly that, for sure! But if I am going to spend my hard earned cash on a glider I'll make sure and sample all of them and pick based on what I feel and not what others are doing/saying/choosing (even if I will give attention to what they say) :thumbsup:
As a personal preference I find the Aeros Combat C to be the best glider out there, it's hands down best all around, especially in handling. I then like the T2C 144 a Lot, and I am not really a fan of the Moyes topless gliders, I flew them all, in various set-ups. The first version of the Litespeed S is downright scary! I understand that was changed quickly after it came out...but then their Gecko is awesome! I expect the Icaro Laminar to be similar to the T2C, haven't had a chance to fly that yet though...hopefully I'll fly one soon!
I have an 1987 La Mouette Profil glider I fly when I go visit family in Romania, and it's a glider that normally we all would write off as old technology, scary, not worth considering, etc...but I flew it once and it's actually quite nice and so I bought it. And for example, I find the WW Eagle to be just about the same, but with no VG...so go figure. :rofl:

This might be more than what you asked for, but there ya go :)
By blindrodie
Perfect. That's just what I was looking for...
Thank you.

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By Felix
NMERider wrote:
Thu Jan 11, 2018 2:12 am
Felix wrote:
Wed Jan 10, 2018 12:46 pm
...This might be more than what you asked for, but there ya go...
Well said, Felix. I feel similarly and my loyalty is to my flying pleasure and safety but not to brand loyalty. I'll have to visit the home of my ancestors in Ukraine so I can beg a demo flight on a Combat C from Oleg.
Didn't know you have roots in the Ukraine! I'm sure they would love to have you test fly the Combat C. This glider deserves all the attention it can get. You're more than welcome to fly mine! Golden, BC sure is spectacular for flying in the Summer :thumbsup:
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