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By Eteamjack

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By Avnav8r
Thanks for sharing this!

John Stokes
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By kukailimoku
Wow, haven't seen that in forever. Thanks for posting it.
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By Maineiac
Cool. Sensors and Ducks. Who named the DUCK, anyway?
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By dave hopkins
Pretty sure someone at WW. Maybe because of the way it landed. Back then H.P. gliders were expected to land like crap and handing was adverse yaw and pitch. I still have a HP1.5 in my cellar at the dome. It handled OK after I installed a VG .
Check you PM Kevin.
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By Goldrunner
I think it was Rob Kells. I was an instructor at KHK when the Raven and Harrier just came out. Rob brought a couple of gliders. After an unusual night of partying somehow the term "road duck" was being used. I was not part of that activity, but somehow he thought it would be cool to name a new design that they were working on, "Duck." We all looked at each other and said hmmm....
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By Maineiac
No PM David. Drove by the "dome" awhile back. Someone living there, didn't want to bother them. Never can tell on Leach's Point. I believe I heard banjos playing in the distance. Even thought about going down for Sunday Horseshoes last summer. They still do that? Trapped up here for the last 5.5 years, need to either get back to high intensity ocean racing or flying. There is a reason it says "vacationland" on the plates. I did go over to Morningside several years ago, flew a Falcon on the grass, got tired of carrying it back up, said "take me up top." Like riding a bicycle. No problem, instructive, got over the top for a dozen passes, and didn't get back over there in the last few years. The "instructive" part was my head was wired to land on the spot and I overshot by a country mile. Several times. Ain't something that you can allow rust to accumulate. It either is or isn't. So I'm at a solid maybe. From scratch start to mountain. All new, all caution.
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