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What have you to say about how long it takes to set up your machine-current or an old one. What I am looking for is what is about as long a effort you feel was worth it ----and was there a machine that was just too long and you bailed on it because it was too much of a "B"? The top end winner was the UP Red Tail at 60 seconds bag to preflight! What I looking for is on the other end How much time is okay and how much is too much.

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By flybop
Al too often it takes me just minutes less time to set up than it takes the wind to turn off.
That depends on how many times you intend to launch!

I met a guy this weekend who can set up his T2C in the same time it take me to set up my Falcon (15 min total from bag to ready-to-fly).

I asked "how the hell do you do that?"...he said " I don't screw around!"....oh and he lives at launch and flies all the time.

BTW T2C and Falcon both sled-ride the same.

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