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Well I made an offer to my fiend Kenny to retrieve him if he were to fly from our local Mountain site Mount Diablo. There was only one Caveat. I informed Kenny as to our One Hundred Mile minimum. We will gladly Retrieve Kenny providing He Flies X-C One Hundred Miles or More. Yes More than One Hundred Miles is not a problem .

Yes, I observe a minimum Distance, Yes. But there is no Maximum Distance Rule. Yes, fly as far ass you like to Fly.

My Question to those of you on the ORG is: Is my minimum too short? Is it Too Far? Am I being Harsh? Or am I being too Mild? Or something else all together?

I realize that most of you do not know me. But I want to say that It is great to be around Flying. Even if my role is: {THE ASSISTANT TO THE DRIVER}
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By Felix
I think it's a great idea, and I would take you up on it if I were there! However the "minimal distance" should be more of an incentive and hopefully you won't leave the guy out there if he actually sinks out before getting to 100 miles :thumbsup:
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By remmoore
Maybe the bigger question is: What does the Demon think of your offer?

By Roadrunner
I have yet to bring up the question of my offering to retrieve Pilots with her. Oops.

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