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By WingedGringo
Greetings glide heads! I have just returned from my ol' stomping grounds in Valle de Bravo where I flew El Peñon del Diablo 3 times and remembered why I love that place so. I am already planning to go back for 2 weeks next February. This year I flew a Falcon from Jeff Hunt who also arranged a ride to launch and pickup, and I was happy flying the Falcon because things have changed since I last flew there and there are many tight LZs (as well as a few enormous ones). It would be nice to have a little better glide though.
So, I am looking for PacAir Mark 4 or PULSE, to take with me on my motorhome next year, and I will be wandering about this summer so I could maybe pick it up somewhere in the USA.
CALL Ole, 425 280-4198
PS I'm a big PacAir fan!
PSS Check out Jeff here: flymexico.com :thumbsup:
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By Eteamjack
You didn't mention what size your looking for. Theres one in the classifieds on this website. Supposedly really nice shape. Also check John Heineys website.
Ozreport classifieds also hasone.
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By WingedGringo
Well I didn't mention that because I need a wing for my ol' amigo José too and he is about half my size so I am interested in whatever pops up. I'm gonna take your suggestion and go look at the classifieds. I wonder if it's the one owned by the guy in Whitewater, WI, who apparently has quite a stack of vintage sackcloth, all of which seems wildly overpriced to this hangie, and unlikely to sell at those prices. I am looking for a fire sale. Thanks!
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By peanuts
not fire sale, but I hear production has resumed on Pulse. Must be a reason...

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