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Can you name 1 or more soilders that has died in the Iraq war

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By Jason
I have been in an argument with someone so I am just going to ask a question, you don't have to answer with a name or anything as it could be very personal, just a yes or no in the poll would be enough

note- Pat Tillman was killed in Afghanistan
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By knumbknuts

Just read an article about the Medal of Honor winner today.

My memory is teh suk.
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By Naranek
Nope, but then again I know very few Americans at all.
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By Radwhacker
I'm sitting at my 'puter at 2:30 am stuffed to the gills with cold medicine so forgive the rambling...

U.S. population = 300,000,000
U.S. Iraq Fatalities = 3,000

= 1 fatality per 100,000 (.00001 %)

Pretty low odds of knowing someone personally. I tried to come up with a figure on the average number of people the average person knows - what maybe @ 1,000? (lifetime) - (I'm horrible at math but does that decrease the odds to 1 in 100?

There are probably different figures depending on where you live; i.e., if you live in Virginia, where more soldiers come from than say, Dakota, the odds go down.

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By sg
Radwhacker wrote:(I'm horrible at math but does that decrease the odds to 1 in 100?
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By Radwhacker
Thanks :)

I realized at about 4 am that the poll question was "How many of you can name a person killed in Iraq - not how many know a person.

So - I guess that means I'm irrelevant again.

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By sg
Considering how bad many people are at remembering names, I bet there is a super high correlation between actually knowing someone who has died in iraq, and being able to name one person who has died in iraq.

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