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By noman3
”On 1-15-2011 I Doug Prather crashed my hang glider, broke my back in five locations, twisting my spinal cord in two spots,sense then I have been in the toughest fight I have ever been in trying to get my life back,
I can now walk with leg braces and a walker for 2 miles at a time, " my doctors told me I was going to be in a wheel chair the rest of my life " This is not going to be the case, I will not accept this !
I have now lost the best job I have ever had, but Gallo says they will give me my job back if and when I get better. I still cannot move my ankles or toes. But I have returned to the air!.....,my friends now roll me off the cliffs with 16inch wheels I have fit on my hang glider............... Yes I really tried to quit flying, but that was killing me, so I am now enjoying some great flights and while in the air I am Not handy capped !
I have now found doctors that say I am a prime candidate for stem cell injections into the damaged part of my spinal cord. This could repair the damage and get my ankles and toes moving again, therefor allowing me to have my life back...........................
However insurance will not cover this treatment,,,,,,,,,,It will cost me $10,000.........
I am asking for donations of any amount, I am sorry to ask for help...I have never had to ask anyone for this kind of help my entire life. But I have to make this happen....I have already scheduled the appointment for this to happen........
I will get stem cell injections on April 20th 2012”

If you can help me please send donation to my paypal account at drmwvrhg@gmail.com
Or send a check to:
Doug Prather
1948 San Ramos Way
Modesto, CA 95358
Thank you

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By noman3
10 grand is not that much when its spread out among good people.
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By flyingpuck
Count me In! :thumbsup:
flyingpuck wrote:Count me In! :thumbsup:
By noman3
thanks guys,doug told me there was already 500 in his pay pal account.Your helping a good guy walk again. :thumbsup:
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By Rotor
Wow you guys are awesome ! Thank you everyone so much,,,,! I have received almost $1,000 today,,,,,That;s enough to make a grown man cry :shock: and allot from pilots that I have never met in person..I will be forever great full and hope I get the chance to pay it forward....Thank you and I will keep you all posted of my progress .......praying to be able to run off a cliff again one day with all your help!! :P
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By Qi
Fly strong.....& heal long.... :thumbsup:
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By Skyhighwoman
I'll sell my baringuer (sp) vario. VERY BASIC no gps. Records up to 10flights.

$250 or Best offer - Half the proceeds will go to Rotor.

Do I hear $250?

I'll bring it this weekend.

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By Eteamjack
Skyhighwoman wrote:I'll sell my baringuer (sp) vario. VERY BASIC no gps. Records up to 10flights.

$250 or Best offer - Half the proceeds will go to Rotor.

Do I hear $250?

I'll bring it this weekend.

Don't need a vario, but for a kiss I'll send another $25. P.S. I've put the word out locally hope it helped.
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By kg386109
How can I not ? This is for selfish reasons as much as anything else. A small price to pay for flying Karma which I need all I can get. I know my friends will galdly push me off a cliff if I become disabled.!
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By Skyhighwoman
Don't need a vario, but for a kiss I'll send another $25. P.S. I've put the word out locally hope it helped.

The things I will do for my friends!!


Come to Mcclure for payment or we just might be down in your area May 21-27th. No firm plans YET but the plan is to take Fawkes some place new. Crestline is high on the list.

:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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By hgflyer
I'm not cash capable as of now. But I have a Mark IV that needs a good home. I paid 700 for it. Anyone in need of a Mk IV? I will donate all proceeds to my friend.
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By Spitfire
Doug - is there any way we can donate directly to the hospital and have it credited to your account? If it is a non-profit we can get a tax deduction this way and so donate a bit more.

I'm no accountant so I may be totally wrong about that, but I think there's way. I'm donating either way, just let me know.
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By liftlover
Come on guys, I want to see Dougie dance again!!!!!!!
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By LadyHawk
I've heard fabulous things from a friend who had stem cell treatments, and there are 4 ways I know of various ways to obtain the stem cells:

1 & 2) They can harvest them from your own body via drawing blood or doing a lipo type suction from your tummy, then they filter the stem cells out, do a procedure to activate them, then inject them back into your body.
3) They can harvest them from an umbilical cord. This doesn't harm a child or mother in any way. The umbilical cord normally gets destroyed anyway so we might as well use it for it's healing properties.
4) From a fetus. I'm not a proponent of this approach, but I'm sure your treatment will be from one of the other methods.

My friend's asthma went away with one treatment and 90% of her allergies went bye-bye too, so hopefully this will help your spine regenerate. You go, Rotor. I sent you a little something via PayPal. XO
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By Rotor
Thank you all so much,,,,another $500. already today,,that;s about $1,500 in two days from pilots from THIS site..and my mom donated another $3,000...I'm about half way there :P :) I have my appointment to get this done on 04/20/2012 it is at the American Stem Cell Institute in Phenix Arizona ,,,sorry i cant spell...I dont know about donating directly to them,,,,they do know I'm coming on the 20th??? I have already sent them a $1,000 deposit,,,and I have to bring a money order with me for the balance.....this is to new and no insurance will cover it.......What they are going to do is take bone marrow from my hip with first a drill bit then suck it out with a big ass needle ....three big tubes full,,,,,,,then they will put it in a machine that spins and condences my own stem cell from it,,,,,,,then they will inject the two damaged spots of my spinal cord with my stem cells,,,,they will also give me some of my stem cells interveenissly and then they will have me sniff some of my stem cell in a mist form...........My stem cells will make there way through my body and they will stop and repair that is they will become any thing that they feel need to be repaired,,,,,,stem cells can become anything that they want to........the main hope is for them to repair my motor nerves that allow me to move my ankles and toes........thus allowing me to walk with out braces or a walker,,,to be able to run freely off of any cliff I wish and to go back to work.....This gives me new hope :P ....Thank you all for every donation !!! Even if it is $5 or $10 it all adds up :P and it is doing just that,,,,I have also received so very large amounts from pilots and friends .....but I don,t want you to send more than you can afford ..i do know that times are hard for many now and if you can not afford to send any thing that is very ok also,,,i understand...Im getting help from friends in many ways,,,not just money,,,from the time I was in the hospital I was getting calls and emails and support from so many of you from all over the world,,,well wishes and prayers and even some donations then when I had'nt even asked...by the time I got home from the hospital friends and family had already came and built me a down stairs shower and moved me a bed down stairs and removed doors so my wheel chair would fit through and build ramps and.............This has been a super tough fight ,,,,,,,,,,,but I wouldn't still be here fighting with out all the help and support that I have already received ,,,sorry to say I would have gave up.......But I am way past that point now,,,,,I'm still fighting and I will walk again! THANK YOU .........WE HAVE SUCH GREAT FOLKS HERE.......SOME OF YOU I NEVER MET,,,,,YET STILL YOU ARE THERE FOR ME.! YOU HAVE MADE ME MYSELF A BETTER PERSON INSIDE,,,EVEN IF MY OUT SIDE IS BROKEN,,,,
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By epic1969
Payday tomorrow. Count me in for $50.00!
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By Rotor
epic1969 wrote:Payday tomorrow. Count me in for $50.00!

Awesome :P Thank you !!!! Hope to fly with you some day :goodidea:

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