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She is an adrenaline junky? Tandem ride that looks to be shot in Rio?
At 9:30 in this clip...or just watch it all.
By Phoenix
Most unfortunate that Victorias Secret didn't have a marketing strategy like
the old "Tupperware Parties" they had in the 60s.
BRP wrote:At 9:30 in this clip...or just watch it all.
She's wearing the knee pads all wrong.
Someone should show her how those work.
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By andylongvq
And just like that, she was gone. Nothing but a YouTube memory of what could have been.


- Andy
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By Windlord
"This video is no longer available" :ahh: I was ready to do some drooling. :drool:
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By Manta_Dreaming
*Keep those hands on the control bar*

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