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By noman3
i can feel the love but i hate you all and i quit! :punch:
By Phoenix
Don't forget your googles, son!
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By NMERider
noman3 wrote:i can feel the love but i hate you all and i quit! :punch:

Piss Off! :rofl:
By noman3
my mantra

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By BBJCaptain

A Legend in his own mind

Keep'em comin Noman.............You Are Our Hero!!!
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By Bobfly
Is this a Nomanism?

Noman gets it higher for longer then Brian...

Or maybe I got it backwards, I don't know. :crazy:

:lol: :lol: :lol: .........jk............ :lol: :lol: :lol:
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By Wonder Boy
noman3 wrote:i can feel the love but i hate you all and i quit! :punch:
noman says he loves you ....... with his fists :punch:

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By Dawson
For those that don't understand Noman....

The Noble Warriors, or Nomana, are members of a religious community called the Nom. The Nom was formed by a great warlord, Noman, in order to protect their God, The All and Only. The All and Only has many other names: the Lost Child, the Loving Mother, the Wounded Warrior and the Wise Father. The God lives in the Garden, located on the island of Anacrea, until it is destroyed.

The Noble Warriors do not use weapons or have any armor; they use only true strength, which is also called Lir. The vow of the noble warriors (which Noman wrote) says they cannot fight wars or conquer land or empires. They cannot love any person above all others, build a lasting home, possess anything but can only use their powers to bring freedom to the enslaved and justice to the oppressed.

I hope this helps

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By st1lgar
IT"S A NOMAN ! :lol:


By noman3
holy s---! you guys are to much,lol.
I think i can feel my ACPness growing.
ok now i quit!

:shock: :shock: :shock:

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