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My PM swirl has been going non-stop for the last 2 days. I've logged out, logged in, I've restarted FireFox, I've cleared my cache, my cookies, my history, I've clicked on all of my recent PM's again....

I just can not stop the swirly :ahh:

(NOTE: I've had this once before, but clearing my cache and cookies remedied the issue)
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By slimchance
I have had mine for weeks. Sorry to "bug" you SG....
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By Davedebogusone
Have you tried giving the screen a good swift kick ? :twisted:
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By kukailimoku
Use a hammer...it's much more effective and you won't have a sore foot.
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By NMERider
Davedebogusone wrote:Have you tried giving the screen a good swift kick ? :twisted:
I used a hole punch on a sticker then stuck the little sticky-backed disc over the spot on my monitor where the swirl now used to appear. But that wasn't until after I'd already bought a new monitor thinking that it was the problem.
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By sg
I built a reset tool. PM me when you get a stuck notification.
I reset them.
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All better! Thanks SG :thumbsup:

Awesome! Thanks.

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