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By SeeMarkFly
Did you manage to retrieve her, or is she still out there, naked and wanting?
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By remmoore
I've been curious about how they fared in the impact. I could imagine body parts everywhere - or completely intact.

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By SeeMarkFly
remmoore wrote:I've been curious about how they fared in the impact.
I had one pilot mistake the spot landing target for the Barbie drop target. The doll did NOT come down very fast. It might hurt if it hit you in the head, but I don't think it would break a windshield of a car.
We put a four foot streamer (surveyor's tape) on each doll to (hopefully) keep the feet down and to help find them in the drop zone.
I DID see one doll where the head came off, all the others seemed to remain intact.

I was hoping to get a few dolls in "unique" landing positions, I found NONE.

We have had more fun with these Barbies than I think is "legal".

Awesome! Thanks.

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