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Can You Filter Out Background Voices?

Background chatter interferes w/ my ability to safely fly
Background chatter has no adverse effect on me
I don't use a radio when I fly
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By dayhead
I have fun sometimes contemplating just what kind of vario output I would find tolerable.

I'd like to try having it hooked up to some LED's mounted on my eyeglasses, they would be red for down and green for up. The idea is to make them so they are just barely noticeable, in my peripheral vision. Anyway I wouldn't have to look in a particular direction to check and see if the instrument is backing up what I think is happening. In weak conditions I wouldn't mind having one. Perhaps someone with electronic skills could convert the audio from one of those el cheapo micro varios to to run the LED's instead of a speaker.

If I had audio only I would want it to play rap "music" when I'm in sink, that would light a fire under my butt to find some lift in a hurry.

Once in lift, I'd hear some good mellow string quartet Mozart chamber music, except that when first encountering lift after being in bad sink it would play the hallelujah chorus.

Awesome! Thanks.

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