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By day dreamer
If, you at some point, find that your flairs are not getting better after some time, then really start to analyze your technique, get video, talk to your instructor or an observer that knows you and you can confide in, and has watched you land. But at this point, I really don't think you should start focusing too critically on anything. I think it will slow you down on the curve, and add some doubt to yourself. I think from what I have seen of your video, that there will come a time when you will just click on it for lack of a better word. Timing your flair is just going to take you time of doing it over and over. It's not like you are zooming hella high. You are on a learning curve right now. Flaring might be effortless for some, it may be next to impossible for others. But to me, it would ruin my flight if I didn't stick my landing no matter how great of a flight it was. I struggled with it. There will come a time when you will know just when it is time to jam it. And when that day comes, and I know it will, you will be smiling in your helmet as you walk over to the breakdown area with a new found EARNED confidence. Keep a clear mind, you know what it is you want to work on, now do it, and show us once again more growth. Thanks again for showing your progression.
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By macsux
LittleWing wrote:Please feel free to use the video with your training programs. I would also encourage your students or hang 2 pilots to use a camera to help them assess their progress and see their mishaps.

Landing on my feet was a mystery to me. Positioning the camera on my keel was very insightful in providing me feedback to improve my landings. I could clearly see that my hands were not high enough most of the time that I rolled in. Once I got my hands up high, I was able to land on my feet a little better.

Anyhow, I know that the wind conditions in the landing zone is another dynamic that I am still trying to understand. I realize that running is usually necessary when there is no wind and that you can glide further.

Thanks for all the comments. The collection of observations that I have gotten from this forum has been helpful.
I actually found many instructors seem to shy away from using the camera because they believe it distracts the student. I personally think that mounting cameras is one of the biggest learning tools and helped in my development. It is often difficult for student to figure out where mistakes were made and the instructor is too far to see what happened to give proper tips. Rewatching footage allows pinpointing problems and focusing on weak areas. I fly with 2 GoPros now, probably going to get third one :) Love those cameras

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