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By MarkM
I'm new to hang gliding - just did some lessons at LMFP. Now I have a glider but have no car suitable for transport. I'm looking for input on types of roof racks, car or truck types that might be best, glider protection during transport, etc. Any input would be of value. Thanks
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By flybop
Welcome to the org.! There have been a few recent threads on this subject. Just do a search for them. Also, go to the Wiki tab and read up on various racks there.
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By peanuts
"a glider, but no car SUITABLE for transport of..." same. ain't no such thing as un-suitable vehicle. just recently saw an old vid of some chap carrying his wing on a motorcycle. i note that you are from Ohio, so you'll probably not need a rock crawling monster truck just yet. and as i also see that you traveled to lockout mtn. for lessons, i'd suggest a van or a station wagon. personally, i've been eyeing newer volvo wagons as of late. their low roof-line appeals to the arthritic side of me, since i wouldn't have to hoist a glider way over head.
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By $!><
Sometimes searching via Google instead of the built in forum search will give you the results you want. Here is an example.

Go to Google.com and in the search box put

hanggliding.org racks

This is what you will get:

http://www.google.com/#hl=en&expIds=276 ... 68a2ddab14

Any time I am looking for stuff on this forum (or anywhere else for that matter), the Google search is a lot faster finding it.
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By dievhart
no rack needed, just take the back roads....with no curvs...and oneway traffic..and....


from the "HG Transporter" thread...
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By Spark
I agree that you can put a hang glider on any vehicle.

I've hung a glider from straps around the top of the passenger side doors of a rental car. :crazy: Visibility was pretty limited.

The Wiki has what you need. :)
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By Eteamjack
1: It doesn't need to be brand new unless your rich.
2: Helps if it's a vehicle your not seriously concerned over.
3. Nice if the wing fit's it's overall length without making alterations.
4. Ground clearance can be a plus.
5. 4 wheel drive is necessary for a few sites.
6. If it can carry more than one glider your sure to make friends.
7 Dependability is a big factor.
8 gas mileage helps keep costs down.

Use your common sense and you should be OK.
Look at what others are doing as well.
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By flybop
Welcome to the org.! There have been a few recent threads on this subject. Just do a search for them. Also, go to the Wiki tab and read up on various racks there.
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By CinCas
peanuts, I highly recommend volvo 245. had it for a long time. lots of space inside. can fit a pile of hanggliders on top. all in all super reliable car that is indestructible and perfect for hang gliding.
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By CHassan
I live in Beavercreek, just over there -------->. I have a Dodge Stratus I carry my wing on. My rack has also graced the hood of a Honda Accord, and a Nissan Sentra. With two wings on it no less.
My rack is made from PVC and a $30 roof rack. Granted I don't care about my car so the areas where the PVC sit are hazy from scratches.
Any vehicle will work, and decent racks can be made for any vehicle. The best suited vehicles (IMHO) are station wagons. Nice long, low roof lines.

The floating pool noodles are cheap rack pads for a glider. One at each place the glider rests on a rack. I've been using foam pipe insulation, but it doesn't offer the same amount of cushion the pool noodles do.

You want to use at least 1" webbed straps to tie the glider down. 2" straps are better. I go overboard and use 5 straps, but I know guys who drive 300 miles and use 2 straps.

Aside from that, I'm obliged to tell you, as President of the Ohio Flyers Hanggliding and Paragliding Association that you could be training over by Columbus.(Maybe you already know that, but I think it might be in my contract to tell you.) Check out Ohioflyers.org, if you haven't yet. Training goes on all winter, so long as the runway is clear enough to use. (Scooter towing)

We have aerotow near Cincinnati, and with luck, sometime next summer, our tug in Columbus will be operational again.

Hope to see you in the skies next year
Craig Hassan
By MarkM
Thanks for all the fast useful information. Ive seen some very
creative solutions in photos, your links and at the LMFP site.
I'm new so
I'm still exploring this, but... I had considered a Volvo wagon
v70 (nice to have a low lift point). They always seem to have
racks that are fairly sturdy. I could attach cross pieces to the
rack and use two ladders fixed to the rack. Then put gliders on
the ladders. But here is the concern: would the separation
of the attachment points of the ladders be adequate?
Building a front support is more than I'd like to tackle. What
is reasonabe separation of attachment points?

Also know Beavercreek well, lived there for years, now live
south of Dayton, and did not know of Columbus or cinci HG
sites. I will check that out. Thanks
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By jjcote
For supporting the ladders, you're fine. You might want to add ropes at the front to make sure the ladder can't get pushed to the side in a crosswind or oscillate too much after you hit a bump.
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By CHassan
Yep, a ladder is a great idea. Tied down in the front as jj mentioned.
There are a lot of "suction cup" rack ideas you can use for the front, or if like me, if you don't mind the finish of the car getting buggered up, PVC with a bit of foam between the hood and PVC works great.

Depending on the vehicle, front racks can be pretty easy to set up. From a custom set up welded to the frame, to crutches, 2x4's and PVC taped, tied or glued to the front end.

What kind of car do you have now?

If you are checking out the Ohio Flyers site, stop in to the HG schools site too. Wings To Fly
John Alden has taught a pretty large number of our current members to fly, including me way back in 2005 :)
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By Skeeter
This is the way to get up mountains, Cheap on fuel and a much smoother ride.
mcbride&wedding.07 053.jpg
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here's my set up
Loman-8598_2.jpg (92.29 KiB) Viewed 6104 times

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