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By Raven
I frustrates me that we don't have/don't publish good HG fatality statistics in the USHPA magazine as they do for PG. Every year (it seems) there is a bar chart showing the number of PG fatalities per year as a fraction of the total (active?) PG pilot population. This chart goes back as far as they have data (mid to late 90's if I recall correctly). It is, at least in part, a good indicator of general pilot safety.

Does anyone have this type of information for HG? I recall that we had a year and a half with out any HG fatalities in the 2005-2006 season. We have not been doing so hot lately, but I would like to put it into perspective by looking at our historical trends. How many have we had in 2008 and in 2009 thus far? Any information would be appreciated.
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By sg
ushpa has really dropped the ball on this. Seems they are only interested in tracking PG stats now. Not an opinion, just go to their website. No one has crunched the HG numbers in years now.

Maybe we should start doing it ourselves, and track it in the WIKI.
Fatalities are the one thing that would probably be pretty accurate.
I dont think any go unreported in the USA.
By SlingBlade
That's pretty strange. I wonder if it has to do with them trying to stay out of the "politics" of paraglider vs. hangglider safety.
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By Paul H
Wasn't the person who tracked it doing it on a volunteer basis? He might no longer be doing the job.
By day dreamer
here is one more! :shock: I'm sure everyone has seen this, but if you haven't,
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By Raven
It was not my intent to imply any conspiracy theories. Just an observation that the statistics are not available for HG. I was hoping that one of you may have been keeping better track than I have over the years, and could provide at least a partial set of statistics.

By SlingBlade
I'm not saying the USHPA killed hang gliding in 1990, I'm just afraid that they might have. (Glenn Beck meme)

OK but seriously, I don't see how hard it is to keep track of who died in hang gliding each year. It (thankfully) doesn't happen that often. In fact, one could argue that it should be a lot easier than keeping track of paragliding ;)
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By Skywild
Yup its a PARAGLIDER .

Not a Hand Glider :popcorn:

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